Learn how to take an honest inventory of your professional strengths and weaknesses.

Map out your career history by looking at your past roles, current role, and future roles.

Determine skills or experience gaps that stand between you and your next great opportunity, and discover how to close those gaps.

is a professional development workshop that pin points your dream jobwhile discovering a career map that enables you to get there.


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Nurys Harrigan-Pedersen

Careers In Nonprofits

1001 Connecticut Ave, Suite 314, Washington D.C.

Phone:  202.795.2445


Career Mapping Coach & President of Careers In Nonprofits

With over 20 years of recruiting experience, Nurys is the driving spirit behind Careers In Nonprofits.  Her deep rooted beliefs in growth and every individual's pursuit of love in the workplace has laid the groundwork for the CNP Mission.  

Her passion and enthusiasm empowers, and her track record speaks for itself.

However it is her Career Mapping workshop that she sees as her most impactful and exciting endeavor.  Workshop participants are put front and center, and in the driver seat of their own unique career map.  The mission?  To inspire an awakening–and lead career hopefuls on a discovery of what their heart really says about their future endeavors.

When Nurys isn’t matchmaking and playing out her role as Cupid in the workplace–she enjoys healthy organic eating, Heart Chakra Meditation, Tony Robbins Firewalking, and spending time with her husband and young children at their Northern Virginia home.

Leave with your new found treasurea Career Map to guide you in your professional advancement for years to come.


career MAPPING





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Open yourself to the opportunities you've dreamed about.

career MAPPING

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Create Your Map

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Develop your strengths, define your vision—and follow the career map that will take you there.

Brought to you by Careers In Nonprofits & The Career Incubator


...this is where professionals take charge of their path, and transform their career.

Open yourself to the job you've dreamed about.