Job searching 101: Finding the right fit

Finding a job that is the right fit for you can be difficult and frustrating. There’s a lot that goes into it, but we’ll focus on one aspect of finding a good fit that you may run into:

How do you know if you are qualified for the position?

Figuring out whether you are qualified for a job sometimes ends up being a bit more complicated than we may expect! What if you meet most of the specifications but are a little short on some of them? What if it requires 5 years of experience and you only have 3?

“If your resume matches up with the job description, and you find yourself saying ‘I can do that!” or ‘That is what I currently do/love doing,’ you should definitely apply!” says CNP Senior Manager Kimmi Cantrell. “If you’re ever in doubt, send your resume!” But she also advises job seekers to keep in mind that being overqualified is something to watch out for as much as being underqualified. Hiring managers want someone who wants that job, not just a job—and someone who will “want to do it well for a significant amount of time,” Kimmi adds, so they may not seriously consider your resume if you are clearly overqualified.

To help you out, we’ve provided a handy little cheat sheet with some questions to help you figure out whether a position may be a good fit for you!

Good luck!


This is part 1 of our week-long series, Job searching 101. Part 2, “Writing a killer resume,” will be published next week.