First day working for nonprofit organizations

Job searching 101: Your first day

Once you land a job, there’s a whole new minefield waiting for you: your first day! But don’t worry. CNP Managing Director Shannon Deamer has a few tips to help you rock that first day.

“First, ask what the appropriate work attire is,” she recommends. “If you’re not sure, wear business attire and clarify with your supervisor on day one. Second, bring a bag lunch, just in case—especially if you’re not sure how long your lunch break will be or what the nearby lunch options are. And last, ask! Not sure if headphones at your desk are appropriate? How does your boss feel about your cell phone being out at your desk, or responding to a text? Always ask first, even if you see your peers doing it. In your first few months, you will want to be at your desk as much as possible and eliminate distractions so that you are doing your best. You can be part of the more ‘relaxed’ culture later.”

Getting used to your new work environment and new office culture can be difficult, but as long as you are honest, considerate, and dependable, you’ll be able to navigate the transition like a pro!


This is part 4 of our series, Job searching 101. View part 3 here. The fifth and final part of the series, “Working for a nonprofit,” will be published next week.