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2023 Nonprofit Hiring Trends & Salary Guide

Careers In Nonprofits and PNP Staffing Group take pride in helping nonprofit hiring managers stay current in today’s competitive nonprofit job market. The free 2023 Nonprofit Hiring Trends & Salary Guide offers valuable information on most nonprofit hiring topics, including insights about current nonprofit salary ranges based on position and U.S. region. This comprehensive guide

Beyond Salary: 7 Benefits to Offer When Hiring For Your Nonprofit Organization

Nonprofit organizations that can’t compete for top talent with salary alone are getting creative with their 2023 hiring packages — and it’s working. Nonprofit leaders know that hiring in any market climate is difficult. When screening candidates, it’s not enough to find applicants with the needed skills and experience. The right candidate also needs to have

Back to Basics: Putting Hiring Managers back in the drivers seat

Back to Basics – Putting Hiring Managers Back in the Driver’s Seat

Covid greatly affected the hiring process during the past few years, and it is about to change again. Employers and hiring managers were thrown into reaction mode during the pandemic, which meant filling desks with new hires who might not have checked all the right boxes.  However, with President Biden removing the public health emergency

Make Your Mark is a Nonprofit professional's guide to career mapping

CNP Writes The Book on Building Nonprofit Executive Careers

Building a nonprofit executive career is challenging in any economy. Even in a thriving job market, nonprofit executive search candidates can find it challenging to source opportunities that match their heart and their skill set. However, marketplace turbulence over the last several years has caused seismic hiring shifts across virtually every industry, including (and in

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CNP Helps Candidates Find Nonprofit Executive Jobs They Love

With over 25+ years of industry experience, CNP knows the nonprofit industry. We understand that working in the nonprofit sector can be rewarding in both tangible and intangible ways. But we also recognize that building a long-term career in the nonprofit segment can be challenging. Worker conditions can vary from organization to organization, and the

New Capacity for Executive Searches: Careers In Nonprofits and PNP Staffing Group Join to Expand Staffing Services

Careers In Nonprofits (CNP), a leading national nonprofit staffing organization, is excited to announce its acquisition of PNP Staffing Group on September 1, 2022. In addition to joining forces, these nonprofit innovators are also set to join services as PNP brings extensive executive search capabilities to the organization. Together, CNP and PNP will become one

Four Ways Hiring Managers Attract and Retain Top Talent

Nonprofits can offer employees meaningful and fulfilling employment–they often focus on a shared mission and work to effect positive change. However, statistics show that meaningful employment alone isn’t enough to keep employees in their jobs; according to, more than 45% of nonprofit employees say they’ll leave their current positions in the next few years,

How to Recruit Top Nonprofit Talent in a Hybrid Work Environment

Hybrid models are work environments of the future–they allow for greater freedom of time for employees while also reducing the stress and impact of daily commutes. Employees report being happier and staying in positions longer when companies offer hybrid workplaces. But what are the best ways to recruit nonprofit talent to a hybrid work environment,

How to Write Nonprofit Job Postings that Attract the Best Talent

Nonprofit hiring managers are eager to attract the best talent for their open positions, but writing a great job description is no easy task. Some of the biggest mistakes managers make are writing ads that are too lengthy, not connecting with the right job seekers, and not clearly outlining the qualities they are looking for

Hiring in the Remote Era: The Remote Interview Tools and Questions You’ll Need for Success

Remote Interview Tools: What To Consider For Success at Your Nonprofit Setting your nonprofit organization up for remote interview success begins with having the right remote interview tools ready before you even post the job opening. Most essential tools will fall under one of these three specific categories: Nonprofit organizations across every vertical have always