Nonprofit Recruiters vs “Regular” Recruiters: Finding the Candidates with Passion

First Day Excitement

Brian had been waiting for his first day at his new job since he received his offer letter. The opportunity to work at a nonprofit that advocated for children with learning disabilities, was a gift. With two children of his own, both struggling in school due to their own learning disabilities, he felt closely connected with the community and issues that surrounded similar families. Having spent most of his 25-year career in nonprofits or NGOs that dealt with other issues, his love for the ecosystem of nonprofits stayed strong. But getting a job at this particular nonprofit? It was like a dream come true.

As a member of the executive leadership team, Brian, was given a warm welcome during his first week and things became clear—this was where he wanted to spend the remainder of his career. He would help grow his newfound organization and support its mission. This passion was noticed by his hiring manager, Kira. In the first 2 minutes during their initial first interview, that passion, combined with his outstanding experience, ultimately got him the job. The right person for the right role.

The Nonprofit Agency Difference

What was different for Kira with her new dream hire, was the approach. This was the first time she had used a specialist in nonprofit recruiting before. For years, like many, she had her “go-to recruiter” who, while having some expertise in nonprofits, came from the corporate world. Often sending candidates that had nonprofit experience—but not the right kind, the deep understanding of nonprofits and how they function was amiss. Kira felt the recruiter thought that if a candidate worked at a nonprofit, then they became more qualified than someone who had not. This lack of prior knowledge was permeating into her office, the culture, and ultimately their performance—and Kira took notice. Time spent on looking through resumes who were clearly not the right fit, was time she missed out on the Brian’s.

When Kira found a recruiter that specialized in nonprofits her whole outlook on hiring changed. First, Melony, her new recruiter, had worked in nonprofits for over 10 years, so the ins and outs of what made them tick as well as the people who work at them had been ingrained. And with that, the quality of candidates she came to know? Well, they were much superior. Melony understood the culture and type of role they were trying to fill and was able to find the right people to meet that need. At the end of the day, she had a great knack for finding the people that were passionate about serving the mission of Kira’s nonprofit and it made for a much easier and faster hiring process.

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Note: Photo is for illustration purposes only, it is not the person depicted in the article.

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