Our Code of Conduct


At Careers In Nonprofits, we believe in putting our best selves forward in every situation and meeting, if not exceeding the expectations of the candidates and clients we service.

Our Code of Conduct guides us in our day to day recruiting, client management, and business development practices. The CNP Code of Conduct also helps us determine our best plan of action when conducting our business, managing all internal and external communications, and working through challenging situations or new opportunities. Our Code of Conduct defines us as a company and holds us accountable for being the best Dream Builders imaginable.

1. To be Servant Leaders

We are dedicated to serving others first by listening to them, bringing awareness to each situation, and committing ourselves to make sure that their highest priority needs are being served. First we serve, second we lead.

2. To be the Ultimate Professionals

We are a highly-trained staff, offering our expertise and insight, while striving to provide the highest level of customer service to all those we encounter.

3. To be Goal Oriented

As ambitious leaders, we are consistently setting and reaching (if not exceeding) high goals that guide us in our daily activities and interactions.

4. To be High Achievers

We are grateful for our many successes and they motivate us to continue challenging and stretching ourselves to accomplish much more.

5. To Always Celebrate

As a team, we celebrate all of our successes together, no matter how big or small.

6. To be Optimistic

We consistently make the best of each situation, no matter the circumstance. This allows us to stay positive, open-minded, and achieve the best possible outcome for all involved.

7. To Seek the Good in People and Difficult Situations

We appreciate each person and situation we encounter, acknowledging each as an opportunity to grow and learn.

8. To Play Outstandingly

In our work, we go above and beyond for our clients, candidates, and teammates and deliver the highest quality results.

9. To Stay Solution Focused

We thoroughly evaluate all situations, applying our knowledge and remaining flexible, in order to provide effective solutions.

10. To Always Grow and Stretch

As a company, we participate in trainings and learn from each of our challenges and successes, which keeps us motivated and allows us to hold ourselves to the highest standard.