Make your mark

Do the work your heart desires.

Make Your Mark was born to help you find work you cannot live without.

Unlock the deepest corners of your heart

Uncover your greatest rewards

Week 1


Claim your Professional Identity
Tap into your values, beliefs,
and inner-most career desires.

Week 2


What + Why = Purpose 
Secure the secret to a happier career with everlasting fulfillment.

Week 3


Your new Career Map begins
End crippling work doubts. 
Sit in the driver's seat of your 
career transformation.

Week 4


Serve your soul entirely 
Move beyond short-term success, and nourish your long-term aspirations. 

Don't take a class.  Join a movement.

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By participating in Make Your Mark, one signals their commitment to making a difference in the world through their professional work in the nonprofit sector. It is a journey to be celebrated. A journey with an inclusive group of like-minded, caring, and passionate individuals.

This four week course consists of 1 hour weekly ZOOM coaching sessions. Teaching provided by Careers In Nonprofits President, Founder & Author, Nurys Pedersen.

It’s the best nonprofit coaching value anywhere in the sector. Backed by 26 years of nonprofit staffing experience—supporting some of the nation's greatest nonprofits.


  •  4 hours of group career coaching from Nurys
  • Free copy of Nurys' bestseller Make Your Mark: The Smart Nonprofit Professional's Guide to Career Mapping for Success, E-book
  • Unlimited access to Nurys via email during the duration of program
  • A 1-on-1 practice interview
  • 1 Review with feedback on your LinkedIn page 
  • 1 Review with feedback on your resume  


"I joined Make Your Mark the MASTERCLASS in need of career direction. But soon enough, through one month’s worth of classes, I stumbled upon the inspiration I had been looking for. In Nurys Pedersen’s MASTERCLASS, I discovered key career ingredients from a proven staffing thought leader. Most importantly, I was given the ability to tap into my inner most career desires, while drawing out a plan of action to help me reach my destination. This felt like a self-awareness awakening for the everyday nonprofit professional."

– Caroline Hardy, Career Mapper & Nonprofit Professional

“Eye-opening workshop — leaving even more hopeful than I was prior to arriving.”

– Kelly O’Malley, Career Mapper & Nonprofit Professional 

"There is no greater feeling than being understood. Within a few minutes of meeting Nurys she identified what I needed most. I felt an instant connection and envisioned what I knew had been missing all along but could never clearly describe in my own words during my tireless search for employment in this challenging and ever changing job market terrain. Thanks to her years of experience, tireless dedication and commitment to more than just the bottom line, Nurys has given me a breath of fresh air when I needed it most. The feeling is indescribable. With just a few tips and advice I am well on my way to becoming a vibrant income earner once more for my growing family and a master of my own career map. I am immensely grateful to Nurys and I say keep doing what you do and know how to do best and above all love your job!"

- Uchena Egenti, Career Mapper & Nonprofit Professional

The Make Your Mark workshop with Careers in Nonprofits was pivotal in helping me find the perfect position in my desired field. Nurys is a thoughtful and committed career coach and guided me to create an organized and specific career map. She also gave one-on-one advice on how to improve my resume and interviewing skills, as well as how to market myself better in general. Our excellent group discussions encouraged me to reflect on past professional experiences and learn how to take productive steps in the right direction. Right on cue, the course ended just as I was offered my dream job!

- Gavi Pearl, Career Mapper & Nonprofit Professional

"Come early July of this year, I was offered a scholarship into the “Make Your Mark” program. August 2020 found me with a clarity never before experienced towards my career as well as a better perspective on my career purpose, direction and intention. I can honestly say that whatever my next role shall be, I will be loving my job. What a way to kick-off my September!"

- Casey Karl, Career Mapper & Nonprofit Professional

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