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With over 20 years of recruiting experience, Nurys is the driving spirit behind Careers In Nonprofits.  Her deep rooted beliefs in growth and every individual's pursuit of love in the workplace has laid the groundwork for the CNP Mission.  

Her passion and enthusiasm empowers, and her track record speaks for itself.

Nurys Harrigan-Pedersen

Founder & President

Leadership matters.  Period.  Doug is motivational, engaging, and at the forefront of how we prepare ourselves for the changes of tomorrow.  

A 21st century CEO, Doug is built on putting your mind, body, and health where it needs to be—first.  His motto?   "Here we grow!"  

Doug Pedersen


Previously our D.C. Managing Director as well as our longest tenured employee, Emily's expertise and "win the day" mentality were called upon when a unique opportunity arrived – opening a new branch in San Francisco.  

With almost two years in the books, Emily and the San Francisco Branch are soaring and taking CNP clients to new heights.

Vice President, San Francisco

Emily Schelle

Kimmi Cantrell

Managing Director, Washington, D.C.

Washington DC

1001 Connecticut Ave NW, Suite 314
Washington, DC 2003
Phone:  202.795.2445 



Since 2006, Careers In Nonprofits has helped nonprofit organizations and job seekers—move forward and make their mark in the nonprofit sector.

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San Francisco

466 Geary Street, Suite 201
San Francisco, CA 9410
Phone:  415.415.4050

Nonprofit Hiring Managers, please let us know a little about your nonprofit, and who you are looking to hire for your organization.  
A Careers In Nonprofits recruiter will reach out to you within a few business hours.  Thank you!


Stephani Peterson

Senior Manager, Chicago

It began in Washington, D.C., and now her journey has continued to the city of Chicago.  Proving herself time and time again—Stephani has worked her way into a role, city, and client base that she absolutely loves.  

She's growing fast and we can't keep up.  Hold on tight because she's going to take you for a heck of a ride.  The best of course.

Discover highly skilled talent from our nonprofit database tailored to fit your needs.

Our recruiter networks go to work for you.

You grow your nonprofit team and advance your cause.

What We Do.




We make your job easy by providing mission-driven talent who have the expertise to fill your needs, and the spirits to serve your cause.


33 N. Dearborn Street, Suite 1610
Chicago, IL 60602

Phone:  312.533.2310




Our Impact.

With gratitude, empathy, and a love for what we do—we've served the very best of the nonprofit sector since 2006.

From our three offices in San Francisco, Chicago, and Washington, D.C., we empower our clients to achieve their missions by matching them with top-notch professionals—from temporary workers to C-Level executives, and everything in between.  

Our Careers In Nonprofits Code of Conduct calls on us to be servant leaders, high achievers, and solution-focusedwhile enabling you to be the same.

Since our opening the nonprofit sector has been felt by Careers In Nonprofits on both coasts, all time zones, and in all areas of advocacy and nonprofit advancement.

We love to make an impact.

Our Quality.

You get recruiters with the skills to make it happen, and the recognition to back it up.  Our nonprofit specialists have been awarded Inavero's Best of Staffing four years running.   

How It Works.

Our nonprofit staffing experts work with your organizational needs, and your budget, to bring you the mission-driven talent that will successfully build your staff, and grow your nonprofit into 2019.



T e m p o r a r y

T e m p-t o-P e r m a n e n t

P e r m a n e n t

E x e c u t i v e  S e a r c h

Jenissa Soares

Manager, Operations & HR

A former CNP recruiter, Jenissa knows the ins and outs of the nonprofit staffing industry.  Whether it be hiring, payroll, or onboarding; past experience combined with her trademark calm, enables her to best any challenge at hand. 

With the clock expiring, and a shot to be taken, we know to put the ball in Jenissa's court.

An uplifting spirit and an absolute joy, Kimmi has the "it"—and people are taking notice.  

With an ability to connect, empathize, and listen to individuals in the way they need to be heard, she gets it.  And so do the clients who keep coming back for more.  We love her, and you will too.

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As they pave the way for our team of nonprofit experts in San Francisco, Washington D.C., and Chicago.


A full-service staffing firm helping nonprofit organizations achieve their missions since 2006. 


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Mission-Driven Talent for a Mission-Driven Sector.


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Mission-Driven Talent for a Mission-Driven Sector.

Careers In Nonprofits is a full-service staffing firm helping nonprofit organizations achieve their missions since 2006.


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"We've hired two temp-to-permanent employees from Careers In Nonprofits in the last year to support our Grant Writing team.  The two individuals they recommended are talented, dedicated professionals who fit in right away with our writing team.  Careers In Nonprofits made the hiring process easy, giving us excellent candidates to hire, who added value to the organization from day one."  

Mark G. Mulroe, Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, A Safe Haven

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