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How to Write Nonprofit Job Postings that Attract the Best Talent

Nonprofit hiring managers are eager to attract the best talent for their open positions, but writing a great job description is no easy task. Some of the biggest mistakes managers make are writing ads that are too lengthy, not connecting with the right job seekers, and not clearly outlining the qualities they are looking for

Hiring in the Remote Era: The Remote Interview Tools and Questions You’ll Need for Success

Remote Interview Tools: What To Consider For Success at Your Nonprofit Setting your nonprofit organization up for remote interview success begins with having the right remote interview tools ready before you even post the job opening. Most essential tools will fall under one of these three specific categories: Nonprofit organizations across every vertical have always

Why What You Don’t Talk About Matters Part I: Prep for the Hiring Process

I don’t know about your house, but in my house we are currently on a major Encanto kick. Right now, we listen to “We Don’t Talk About Bruno,” pretty much on constant repeat. In fact, we listen to the Encanto soundtrack so much that my 7-year-old daughter recently said to me, “Mom, I know it

The Great Resignation—How to Hire Employees Who Will Stay

According to Fortune, more than 4.5 million people quit their jobs in November of 2021—the highest number seen in the last two decades. “The Great Resignation,” as it has been coined, is affecting businesses across the country, including those in the nonprofit sector. Record numbers of people are quitting mostly because of changing priorities due

Navigate The Hiring Process With Winning Counter Offer Strategies

Navigate The Hiring Process With Winning Counter Offer Strategies

Your company has job openings and you want to attract top nonprofit professionals. However, it’s an employee’s market and counter offer statistics show you likely aren’t the only one courting them. Fortunately, there are ways to position yourself to be successful, and there are several counter offer strategies to get the candidate to choose you. 

Accepting Counter Offer Strategies

Strategies To Land The Best Job For You – Including When to Accept Counter Offers

Right now, we’re in an employee-driven job market, with countless available positions waiting for your application. However, just because there are many opportunities to choose from doesn’t necessarily mean they are the right ones for you. Many candidates struggle to pinpoint their next right opportunity in a thriving job market. Fortunately, there are strategies that

Top Deal Breakers That Cause Candidates to Turn Down a Job

Top Deal Breakers That Cause Candidates to Turn Down a Job

As a nonprofit staffing agency, it is so important for us at Careers In Nonprofits (CNP) to take a look at the top deal breakers that cause a candidate to turn down a job. By understanding these most common deal breakers, interviewers can prepare for and adjust their own strategy to make the hiring process

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Success at Work, Wherever Work Is

The global pandemic has forever changed the way U.S. employees work. Remote work was an established business model before COVID-19 became part of our everyday vernacular. However, the last 14+ months have reinforced just how successful a remote work environment can be — even for companies that once resisted letting their staff members work from

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Hiring at Nonprofits: How to Stop Missing out on Top Talent in a Candidate-Driven Market

The last 12+ months have demonstrated significant description across virtually every job market, including the nonprofit sector. Many nonprofits, struggling to keep their operations afloat amid global pandemic turbulence and economic downturns, reduced their workforce. Others maintained existing staff but were unable to bring in additional resources during the market upheavals. As a result, most

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Nonprofit Job Descriptions: Tips to Get Your Position The Attention it Deserves

A clear, informative job description plays a critical role in the hiring process for any company. For nonprofits, the job description stakes can be exceptionally high. Many nonprofits have an already-spread-too-thin workforce that doesn’t have the time needed to focus on proactive recruiting methods. As a result, even the most urgent open opportunity can stay