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Careers In Nonprofits Wins ClearlyRated’s 2021 Best of Staffing Award for Nonprofit Staffing Excellence

Diamond Award winners have won the Best of Staffing Award for at least 5 years in a row, consistently earning industry-leading satisfaction scores from clients and placed talent.   WASHINGTON, DC – February 2nd, 2021 – Careers In Nonprofits, a leading nonprofit staffing agency announced today that they have won the Best of Staffing Client

The Loxo Advantage: Nonprofits benefit from new Careers In Nonprofits partnership

WASHINGTON, DC – February 10th, 2021: Careers In Nonprofits has officially partnered with the all-new Loxo: the #1 Talent Intelligence Platform and global leader in Artificial Intelligence Recruitment Automation Software.   Today, nonprofit organizations across the sector are benefitting from a new recruiting tool that has found a home at Careers In Nonprofits.     Leveraging world-class recruiting

33 Enlightening Career Quotes to Inspire Your Nonprofit Job Search

If you were to throw a dozen or so of the most successful professionals in a room and ask them what matters more in regards to achieving your goals –– one’s ability to work hard, or one’s ability to stay inspired –– there’s a fair chance a disagreement would break out. This is hands down

7 Tips to Successfully Start a Career in Nonprofits

Changing your 9 to 5 with dreams of starting a career in nonprofits is a life-altering decision. But if your heart and values align—making the decision to leave the corporate world brings some beautiful benefits. Whether it’s experiencing work that empowers you within, or making meaningful impact for individuals in need—supporting a cause you feel

5 Reasons Why Every Nonprofit Needs a Staffing Agency in 2021

Is your nonprofit hiring without a staffing agency in 2021? We understand why you might be reluctant to do so. “I’m unfamiliar with how they work”, “they’re too expensive”, “I’ve always hired internally”, or the infamous “we’re not ready for the commitment”. But the reality is, shrinking support staffs coupled by daunting development demands, have nonprofits rethinking their

5 Experts Answer the Most Important Fundraising Questions for Nonprofits in 2021

From shrinking support staffs to daunting development demands, this year has been critical for fundraising departments across the nonprofit sector. Heading into the New Year, we want to make sure your organization can hit the ground running, and learn from one of the most challenging and unique fundraising periods in recent memory. With that said,

Nonprofit Newswire: State of the Job Market

Every cloud has a silver lining? While there are nonprofits going through layoffs, hiring freezes, or forced closings; this is by no means, what I am seeing across the board. In fact, there are a high number of nonprofits who are stable and growing, and increasing their hiring needs. Many critical services would not exist without the

10 Nonprofits Inspiring Change in their Community

The Careers In Nonprofits #ILoveMyJob🧡 community is dedicated to empowering change. Today—and—everyday, we’re determined to use our voice to help empower nonprofits as they build a better future for underserved communities in need. Because when times get tough, and our hearts need healing, we rely on moments that remind us why we do what we

New Nonprofit Career Event: Q&A with Kimmi Cantrell

Don’t miss out on this new Q&A with Kimmi Cantrell, DC Managing Director of our nonprofit staffing operations in Washington DC Join the live Q&A audience, and discover these insider tips: What is the #1 action someone should take to get a job in a nonprofit? Does someone need to have worked in a nonprofit

People who love what they do, always say this ONE THING

So what is it exactly? This one thing? Well, as we’re coming to find out, as our President & Founder so put it: it may actually be already engrained as a state of mind. A self-awareness so to speak. Read below… “I know what you want. You want to stop wanting. You want to fill