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Nonprofit Salary & Hiring Guide

Nonprofit Job Descriptions: Tips to Get Your Position The Attention it Deserves

A clear, informative job description plays a critical role in the hiring process for any company. For nonprofits, the job description stakes can be exceptionally high. Many nonprofits have an already-spread-too-thin workforce that doesn’t have the time needed to focus on proactive recruiting methods. As a result, even the most urgent open opportunity can stay

Linda Zager

From Corporate America to Nonprofit President: A Look at Linda Zager’s Journey

CNP Talks with Back Office Cooperative President Linda Zager Nonprofits need employees who are passionate about their mission. To deliver on that mission, they also need sustainable business practices. We caught up with Linda Zager, President and CEO of The Back Office Cooperative, on her journey from Corporate America to serving the nonprofit sector to

Why Nonprofits Can’t Afford To Manage Their Own Hiring Process

Effective hiring at any company requires strategy and planning. No matter what the vertical, it’s critical to develop a recruiting process that optimizes results across multiple components, including sourcing, screening, interviewing, and onboarding candidates. However, for nonprofit organizations, the hiring stakes (and constraints) are especially high. Even the most dedicated nonprofit leaders can struggle to

5 Ways Boutique Nonprofit Staffing is Different From Large Firms

Finding a staffing agency that fits your needs isn’t always easy. But learning the difference separating large firms from nonprofit staffing boutiques—will help make your decision-making process a whole lot easier. In this article, you’ll discover why choosing a nonprofit staffing agency is what of the best decisions your nonprofit can make.   1. Think

Winning Interviews: 6 Things Nonprofits LOVE When Hiring

Living and working as a nonprofit staffing recruiter in San Francisco—Precious Woods works directly with some of the sector’s leading nonprofits and associations. She’s placed top nonprofit professionals with California 501(c)(3)’s such as: GLIDE, Californians for Safety & Justice, Lycee Francais de San Francisco, and the Eviction Defense Collaborative. 1. Prepare one or two mission-based

Getting a Job in Nonprofit Leadership—What Nonprofits Need to See

Living and working as a nonprofit staffing director in Washington DC—Kimmi Cantrell works directly with some of the sector’s leading nonprofits and associations. She’s placed rising Nonprofit Leaders with 501(c)(3)’s like the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Bat Conservation International, Montgomery County Coalition for the Homeless, and Prison Fellowship International. 1. No one is 100% ready

19 Career Benefits: How Nonprofit Temping Can Lead to a Dream Job

To temp or not to temp?  That is the question… Believe it or not, temporary staffing opportunities are stocked with employee advantages.  And whether you’re seeking a nonprofit career change, or re-entering the workforce after some time away: you may discover that a few of these 19 temporary staffing benefits can bring you closer to

What Nonprofits Want to See When Hiring a New Development Director

Living and working as a nonprofit staffing recruiter in Washington DC—Adele Borbee works directly with some of the sector’s leading nonprofits. Serving causes such as direct social services, healthcare advocacy and housing: she’s placed top Development Directors​ with 501(c)(3)’s like Catholic Charities, Martha’s Table, and Penny Appeal USA. 1. Why is Development Director one of

Careers In Nonprofits Wins ClearlyRated’s 2021 Best of Staffing Award for Nonprofit Staffing Excellence

Diamond Award winners have won the Best of Staffing Award for at least 5 years in a row, consistently earning industry-leading satisfaction scores from clients and placed talent.   WASHINGTON, DC – February 2nd, 2021 – Careers In Nonprofits, a leading nonprofit staffing agency announced today that they have won the Best of Staffing Client

The Loxo Advantage: Nonprofits benefit from new Careers In Nonprofits partnership

WASHINGTON, DC – February 10th, 2021: Careers In Nonprofits has officially partnered with the all-new Loxo: the #1 Talent Intelligence Platform and global leader in Artificial Intelligence Recruitment Automation Software.   Today, nonprofit organizations across the sector are benefitting from a new recruiting tool that has found a home at Careers In Nonprofits.     Leveraging world-class recruiting