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How to write a resume for a nonprofit job

Ever wondered what nonprofit employers look for in a resume? Do you have butterflies in your stomach when entering the job market after many years of not knowing what the latest trends are? Worry no more! Careers In Nonprofits has got you covered. Below you will find some tips to utilize in getting your resume

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2024 Nonprofit Market Trends

Are you a nonprofit professional seeking to make a new career move, or looking to enter the sector for the first time? Nonprofits are and can be a great choice for your career, offering fulfilling, mission-led work, competitive income and a balanced work-life. In 2024, here are some trends we’re seeing, and our insights on

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Why should I connect with Careers In Nonprofits (CNP)?

Applying for a new job can sometimes feel like a full-time job in itself. In the beginning it can be exciting and positive, but after some time the new-to-me opportunities decrease, and you may start seeing the same opportunities you’ve already applied to. Below are a few reasons to consider connecting with a CNP Recruiter:

PNP Staffing Group Launches Free Nonprofit Executive Onboarding Guide

Navigating the world of nonprofit executive search can be a challenging journey. At PNP Staffing Group, brought to you by Careers In Nonprofits, we understand the unique hurdles faced by nonprofit search committees during the executive search process. Our nonprofit executive search recruiters recognize the crucial importance of onboarding in ensuring the success of your

Revealing Key Insights: The 2024 Nonprofit Salaries and Staffing Trends Report is Here!

In the ever-changing world of nonprofit staffing, staying ahead of the curve is essential. Our 23rd annual survey contains vital information that will help you understand the most recent nonprofit salary changes and the common talent gaps, which will help you better navigate your most important staffing decisions in 2024. This is why we continue

Unlocking Industry Insights: Participate in the Nonprofit Salary and Staffing Trends Survey

In the dynamic world of nonprofit organizations, staying ahead of the curve is essential. Whether you’re a seasoned nonprofit professional or a newcomer to the sector, understanding salary and staffing trends is vital for making informed decisions and driving positive change within your organization. That’s where the Nonprofit Salary and Staffing Trends Survey comes into

CNP Gives Back With Companywide Philanthropy Day

At CNP, our commitment to giving back to the community goes beyond our daily work of nonprofit staffing. We believe in the power of philanthropy and the positive impact it can have on the lives of those in need. Recently, we organized a companywide Philanthropy Day, a day dedicated to serving nonprofit and charitable organizations

Survey Results Are In — See How CNP Can Unlock Your Nonprofit’s Potential

Careers In Nonprofits takes pride in helping clients break through hiring barriers and beat the competition to place the very best talent at their organizations. We also understand the importance of getting positions filled quickly and with the least expenditure of time and money as possible. Put simply — it’s our job to put qualified candidates

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Nonprofit Executive Search: Everything Your Board Should Know

The search for qualified C-suite nonprofit professionals with the skills, experience, and heart for your nonprofit’s mission has never been more challenging.  Finding and retaining high-performing candidates has always been a continuous, uphill battle for nonprofits. However, the last few years have brought new concerns to the nonprofit sector. COVID-19 closures, historical inflation, a tumultuous

2023 Nonprofit Hiring Trends & Salary Guide

Careers In Nonprofits and PNP Staffing Group take pride in helping nonprofit hiring managers stay current in today’s competitive nonprofit job market. The free 2023 Nonprofit Hiring Trends & Salary Guide offers valuable information on most nonprofit hiring topics, including insights about current nonprofit salary ranges based on position and U.S. region. This comprehensive guide