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Nurys Pedersen, President & Founder 
Careers In Nonprofits

How it started

By 33, Nurys Pedersen "had made it."

A Vice President in Washington DC, her career was colored by promotions, welcomed earnings, and a desk in the corner office. 

But a decade in, feeling unfulfilled and searching for more, Nurys asked herself, "what could I be missing?" 

So by 34, with little income, and no staff, Nurys founded: Careers In Nonprofits.

Leaving everything behind, she moved out of DC, and found a little office in downtown Chicago. 

Upon arrival, Nurys began calling up local nonprofits. They were making a difference. And she asked if they needed help. They said, yes. So then, she started to recruit.

This time, her work felt different.

Today, Nurys loves what she does. And her #ILoveMyJob🧡 mission has helped over 700 nonprofit missions find passionate, hard-working people across the country.

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