Frequently Asked Questions for Temps

When and how often are temporary employees paid?

Employees are paid weekly via live check or direct deposit. You will see your wages reflected in your account on Thursdays or Fridays. If you opt out of direct deposit, you will receive your paycheck early the following week.

When are timesheets due?

Please refer to the timesheet which provides the instructions. Timesheets are due every Friday at 6:00pm, or the following Monday at 9:00am solely if you are working over the weekend.

How do I turn in my timesheet?

Please refer to the timesheet which provides the instructions. You can either fax your signed timesheet to 312-443-0821 or scan and email the timesheet to our Operations Manager, Michelle Ruse, at

Who should I contact if I have a concern about my current temporary assignment?

You should always contact your CNP recruiter first. Our recruiters are dedicated to providing on-going support throughout your assignment, and are in the best position to advocate on your behalf. Additionally, they have expertise in diffusing a number of issues and concerns. It’s also best practice to contact your recruiter because he or she has an existing relationship with the nonprofit client.

What do I do with my timesheet if my supervisor is not in the office?

In this case, your supervisor may approve your hours via email if he or she is unable to sign in person. Please coordinate with CNP’s Operations Manager, Michelle Ruse, to ensure we receive proper approval. She can be reached at or at 312-533-2318.

Will I get paid if my timesheet is not turned in on time?

We are able to process delayed timesheets so long as you notify our Operations Manager, Michelle Ruse, beforehand that you will not be able to submit it by the deadline. However, in order to be paid on time, your timesheet must be received by 9:00 am on Wednesday at the very latest.

When should I submit my timesheet if my assignment has weekend hours?

Monday morning by 9:00 am.

What is the process for calling in sick or requesting time off while I am on assignment?

Always go to your recruiter first and let him or her know as early as possible if you are ill or requesting time off. From there, the recruiter will contact your supervisor to make any necessary arrangements.

What if I have an interview for a permanent position?

Let your recruiter know about any interviews you have scheduled as early as possible. From there, the recruiter will contact your supervisor to make any necessary arrangements.

What should I do if my assignment is ending soon?

If your assignment is ending in the near future, notify your recruiter and let him or her know that you’d like to be placed back on our email list. From there, the process will be the same as before you were placed in which you would apply directly to positions of interest. As with before, our recruiters will contact you when a position arises that matches your skills and experience.

How should I list my temporary assignments on my resume?

It is best practice to list both the staffing agency and the organization you temped with on your resume and other application materials to give the clearest picture of where you worked. On your resume, you can try writing the actual position you held and the name of the organization on one line, and the name of the staffing agency directly below. If you’ve temped at multiple places in a short period of time, grouping them under a “temporary assignments” section may help. For more information, refer to our President’s monthly career advice column, InnerView, on our website at

Who do I contact with feedback about my experience with CNP?

You can email us directly at We look forward to hearing from you!