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Careers In Nonprofits is committed to celebrating diversity, and empowering equity and inclusivity across the nonprofit sector.

To ensure that we successfully meet and exceed these standards: our hiring process, both internally and externally, is diligently structured to be free from biases—giving all candidates an equal opportunity, while also identifying the best possible candidate for our nonprofit clients. 

Mindful. Intentional. Accountable.

CNP is keenly aware of and committed to the importance of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) as a core company value and action in all that we do. As a woman of color-founded and owned business, and employer of vastly diverse team members, we have both professional expertise and lived experience of how bias and subjectivity create unnecessary barriers to opportunities. We, as both a workplace and provider of the highest quality nonprofit staffing services, continue to make DEI actionable with standards for accountability that center equity. As our client, we welcome the opportunity to share with you how we advance our DEI impact in the communities and careers of all our exceptionally talented candidates, many of whose identities have been historically marginalized or underrepresented.


  • Aware of disparities and inequities (Leadership’s personal commitment to learning from and listening to diverse voices)

  • Continuous DEI education and training for staff (implicit bias, microaggression, etc.)

  • DEI coaching on DEI best practices and strategic planning

  • Membership/participation/support of diverse professional groups (Chambers, CBOs, DEI information sources, etc.)


  • “Blind Hiring”

  • Constantly seek and increase our diverse recruitment outlets

  • Inclusive language and DEI commitment in job descriptions

  • Survey staff and candidates to refer talent and recruitment outlets

  • Community investment/philanthropy efforts


  • Voluntary demographic surveys to identify gaps in outreach

  • Performance metrics to advance DEI awareness and action

  • Research changing demographics of communities and industries we serve to ensure representation in candidate outreach

Tech for good

More support for equal opportunity.

We have proudly partnered with Loxo: the #1 Talent Intelligence Platform and global leader in AI Recruitment Automation Software—helping to connect our nonprofit clients to a candidate pool of over 500 million professionals across the world.

"Missions are getting time back to create new impact, and candidates are being recruited from every corner of the world."
President & Founder, Nurys Pedersen: Loxo, Careers In Nonprofits Partnership

Deeper talent pools. Diversity sourcing tools.

With Loxo, nonprofits are getting help finding more diverse candidates. Using Loxo tech, our recruiting team runs proactive keyword searches instantly, resulting in a deeper pipeline of diverse, mission-driven candidates for nonprofit hiring departments. 

In addition: Loxo's tech for good features such as their diversity tools, help to successfully promote equal opportunity recruiting and advance nonprofit DEI initiatives.