Getting Started

The most effective way to get started with Careers In Nonprofits (CNP) is to register on our website, complete a profile and upload your résumé. Only CNP recruiters have access to your profile and résumé, and there is no fee to candidates for our services. Traditional registration allows you complete access to the website, where you can view current job postings and apply directly to various positions.

Initial Contact and Interviews

Once you have taken the first steps by registering and uploading your résumé, CNP recruiters have all of the information we need to consider you for current and future opportunities. If you are identified as a potential candidate for a position we are seeking to fill, a recruiter will contact you to conduct a brief phone screen. At the recruiter’s discretion, you may then be invited to our office for a professional interview. Please note that CNP receives a high volume of applicants and cannot call or interview everyone who applies.

CNP Candidates

Once you have interviewed with a recruiter, you are considered to be a CNP candidate, and we can recommend you to client organizations for further interviews. We will always discuss an opportunity with you before sending your résumé to a client. If we have notified you of an opportunity, you must follow the application process through CNP rather than applying to it directly. We understand all that goes into a job search and encourage you to continue your own efforts while maintaining open communication with your recruiter.

Client Interviews

CNP recommends the most qualified candidates for each position to interview with client organizations. If you are selected for further interviews with a client, we will work with you to arrange interview times and to prepare you for each meeting. Following interviews, we provide both you and the client with relevant feedback and discuss next steps. Your recruiter will be a resource to you and a liaison between you and the client throughout the interview process.

Job Offers

When you are selected as the top candidate for a position, CNP will extend an offer on behalf of the client organization. CNP will work with you and the client to arrange an appropriate start date. A successful placement completes the cycle of your candidacy. Congratulations!