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"We've hired two temp-to-permanent employees from Careers In Nonprofits in the last year to support our Grant Writing team.  The two individuals they recommended are talented, dedicated professionals who fit in right away with our writing team.  Careers In Nonprofits made the hiring process easy, giving us excellent candidates to hire, who added value to the organization from day one."  

Mark G. Mulroe, Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, A Safe Haven

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We believe that nonprofit organizations are vital in building the 
communities and protecting the futures we care about.  Our mission is 

to connect your organization with people inspired to do the same.  

You get recruiters with the skills to make it happen, and the recognition to back it up. This year our nonprofit recruiters received ClearlyRated’s Client Diamond award; a service quality recognition given out to less than 2% of recruitment firms in North America.

Our nonprofit dream builders work with your urgent needs, and your budget, to bring you mission-driven talent that will build your staff, improve employee retention, and move your nonprofit forward.




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Careers In Nonprofits is a full-service staffing firm helping nonprofit organizations achieve their missions since 2006.  We only recruit the best talent to help nonprofits achieve their mission and offer temporary or permanent solutions that fit within your budget and hiring schedule. As a ClearlyRated "Best of Staffing" and "Best of Talent" recipient for the past five years, we have mastered the process of pairing your nonprofit organization with the most qualified candidates determined to make an impact within your organization.

By connecting nonprofit organizations and those determined to make a difference we are building a healthy community and supporting people in their quest for love in the workplace. When Careers In Nonprofits Chicago opened their headquarters in 2006 we made it our mission to not only be a staffing firm, but become a learning and advancement firm in the nonprofit sector.  Quickly our goal became the empowerment of nonprofit professionals on all levels and we added workshops, networking opportunities, and trainings to bring support to the nonprofit community in Chicago.

The Chicago area is known to be one of the best places to work and we are dedicated to bringing the best employees to nonprofits in the community. The way we accomplish this is through our Careers In Nonprofit Code of Conduct which guides our staff every single day to put their best selves forward in every situation, while holding them accountable for being the best dream team builders in Chicago.

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