Careers In Nonprofits now offers payrolling services to all nonprofit and association clients for additional cost-savings and convenience. If your organization is hiring temporary staff for grant terms or special projects, payrolling through Careers In Nonprofits is an excellent option.

Payrolling is different from a traditional temp staff arrangement, because you, the client, identify your own temporary workers. Recruiting is not a part of the process, so there is a substantial reduction in cost. Careers In Nonprofits assumes responsibility for all legal matters including payroll, worker’s compensation, and employer taxes, making management and hiring more convenient and taking cumbersome paperwork off your desk.

Our Responsibilities

  • Payroll and W-2 preparation
  • Employer of record status
  • All related administrative tasks
  • Worker’s compensation
  • Unemployment taxes & claims
Your benefits

  • Reduction in time and administrative obligations
  • Assurance of legal compliance
  • Cost-savings over traditional temps
  • One point-of-contact for records & invoicing
  • Focus stays on employee interactions & performance