Welcome to Career Mapping brought to you by Careers In Nonprofits & The Career Incubator.

Tickets to our March Career Mapping workshops, with CNP President, Founder, and Author, Nurys Harrigan-Pedersen, can be found here at Sign Up—Eventbrite!

Whether you’re an employer or job-seeker, these workshops at our CNP Academy at Careers In Nonprofits empowers you to acquire the tools you need to level up your career.

Employers can learn from CNP experts about trends in nonprofit staffing or how to attract the best talent to their organizations.  Nonprofit professionals, meanwhile, can sharpen their skills and absorb insights from some of the best teachers in the business.

Need proof?  Check out these testimonials from previous workshop attendees!

On Career Mapping, with Nurys Harrigan:
“Eye-opening workshop — leaving even more hopeful than I was prior to arriving.”
– Kelly O’Malley

On Generational Differences, with Shannon Deamer:
“The workshop was really helpful and insightful. I enjoyed it a great deal.”
– Dana Morrie

Class sizes are limited in order to maximize each individual student’s ability to learn and network.  Feel free to contact us about arranging for customized classes and curricula.

Learn more and register for our workshops by clicking through the links below.  Be sure to check here regularly for announcements of any impromptu webinars!


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