Dream Builder Tips with Jamie Jensen-Farley

19 Career Benefits: How Nonprofit Temping Can Lead to a Dream Job

To temp or not to temp?  That is the question…

Believe it or not, temporary staffing opportunities are stocked with employee advantages.  And whether you’re seeking a nonprofit career change, or re-entering the workforce after some time away: you may discover that a few of these 19 temporary staffing benefits can bring you closer to your next career goal.

By:  Senior Temporary Recruiter and Nonprofit Staffing Expert | Jamie Jensen-Farley | Washington, DC


Improve your resume—instantly

Temping is an exceptional way to instantly add up-to-date, specific in-demand skills to your nonprofit sector resume.


Boost self-confidence

If you’ve been out of work: securing a victory in the job searching process is an unbelievable boost of self-confidence. The kind of confidence—that reaffirms how capable you are of landing the job you deserve.


Gain a 3rd party advocate

Most temp jobs are not filled through nonprofits directly. Temping allows you to work with a recruiter who will vouch on your behalf—your skills, experience, and your accomplishments.


Fund your dreams

Being a starving artist is hard. Working while temping gives you time and money to focus on finding your nonprofit dream job, side hustle, or whatever you are building towards.


Network = new opportunity

Solo while job searching is a no-go. Temping can be a great way to build a nonprofit network—and you just might land a great reference or referral.


Fill the gaps

No nonprofit enjoys seeing blank spaces on a CV, and no candidate enjoys having to explain. Temping can get rid of resume gaps, and show organizations you’re driven and committed to their cause.


Re-enter the workforce

It’s tough going all-in after taking a break. Temping can be a great way to re-enter the workforce after a gap—while easing your way into a full-time gig.


Improve career self-awareness

Many of the most successful nonprofit leaders cultivate this trait. Temping can improve your self-awareness in areas relating to: work style, culture, mission-alignment, perks and commute.


Amazing things can happen

A candidate brought in for a 3-day admin project can wow a nonprofit enough that they hire them for another open position at the organization (I’ve seen it!).


Career building opportunities

The majority of nonprofit temp jobs are entry to mid-level. Perfect for career-changers, newly-grads—or even mission-driven individuals looking for work within a specific cause.


Friendly time commitments

Flexibility and freedom is one of the greatest feelings in the world. The average temp assignment is 3-4 months.


Full-time is fulfilling

Working part-time makes it harder to personally connect with a role or organization. 75% of nonprofit temp jobs are 35+ hours/week.


Adaptability is attractive

Temping in a variety of positions increases your adaptability—which nonprofits love. And your resume will be able to prove it.


World travelers welcome

Temping offers flexibility for traveling in between assignments. So go see Paris, go see Rome (when they open 😷)


Exclusive insider tips

Temping with a recruiter can offer you breakthrough tips on your local nonprofit job market—as well as your resume.


Get in front of leadership

Temping gives you an opportunity to make a real difference in front of decision makers. Whether it be hiring managers, department directors, or even executive leaders running the organization.


Abundant opportunities

Staffing firms in the US hire nearly 15 million temporary and contract employees every year.


You’re never stuck

You are never stuck in a temp role – if you find a permanent position or feel it’s not a good fit for you – you can always put in your notice.


No wait needed

Time is the spark of life. Temp roles often start immediately – you don’t have to wait 2-3 weeks to get back to work!


Appreciate the journey

In the end, appreciating your journey is the most beautiful gift there is. Whether it’s working towards what you love—or rediscovering what your career is truly capable of—sometimes all you need is a worthy cause, or something meaningful you can hold onto. Sometimes this is the people you meet—and sometimes, this will be the little moments that will touch you along the way.

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