2023 Nonprofit Hiring Trends & Salary Guide

Careers In Nonprofits and PNP Staffing Group take pride in helping nonprofit hiring managers stay current in today’s competitive nonprofit job market.

The free 2023 Nonprofit Hiring Trends & Salary Guide offers valuable information on most nonprofit hiring topics, including insights about current nonprofit salary ranges based on position and U.S. region. This comprehensive guide is comprised of information PNP has gathered during the past 22 years, including:

  • Industry growth
  • Staffing challenges
  • Nonprofit data points, patterns and trends
  • Retention
  • Proven hiring tips
  • Best practices

Inside the guide are also the findings from a survey of more than 1600 nonprofits regarding supply and demand for experienced nonprofit staff, salary changes, and difficulties they face recruiting candidates to fill positions. You’ll also learn what factors attract top nonprofit candidates and how to keep them, as well as which positions are most in demand.

The guide also touches upon the many ways Careers In Nonprofits can help your organization, including:

  • Making your offers “counteroffer resilient”
  • Attracting and retaining top talent with hybrid/remote/onsite work options
  • Reducing the time you spend chasing talent
  • Communicating your mission
  • Creating attention-grabbing job descriptions
  • Creating baseline interview questions
  • Making a great first impression

There is something for every nonprofit organization in this extensive guide. Download your free copy today:
2023 Salary Guide

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