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2024 Nonprofit Market Trends

Are you a nonprofit professional seeking to make a new career move, or looking to enter the sector for the first time? Nonprofits are and can be a great choice for your career, offering fulfilling, mission-led work, competitive income and a balanced work-life. In 2024, here are some trends we’re seeing, and our insights on how you can make the most of them to advance your career!

Nonprofit Giving Trends Creates Opportunity for New Partnerships: Donor giving began to trend downwards in 2022, with that trend continuing through 2023, notably a 10% drop in donors on GivingTuesday*. With that reality, nonprofits are looking to mergers and new creative partnerships, including corporate sponsorships and other public-private partnerships which provide new and needed funding. Candidates with experience in the private sector including marketing, sales, business development and customer service have increasingly valuable skillsets for opportunities in the nonprofit sector!

Do Nonprofits Offer Remote Jobs? As a general trend, workplace modalities are trending towards hybrid schedules, or working part of the time in an office and part of the time at home coming out of 2023 and into 2024. Fully remote modalities are phasing out and fully in-person schedules in social services, education and healthcare sectors are increasing as COVID Pandemic protections are phased out. In the temporary employment market, we are seeing a slight increase in part-time opportunities as a way for employers to navigate tight budgets and diverse needs.

What Are Nonprofit Pay Rates? Nonprofit employers continue to compete against a tight labor market and rising wages, balancing against tightening budgets particularly for nonprofit organizations with budgets under $1 million. This trend continues to drive wages up for nonprofit workers, our firm generally sees $18-22/hour as the hourly range for entry-level (less than 1 years’ experience) nonprofit positions, $20-25/hour for associate level (2+ years’ experience or degree required) positions and $28-32/hour for mid-level (4+ years’ experience) positions. Interested in learning more about nonprofit salary trends, check out our 2024 Salary Guide here

2024 Election Hiring: Finally, while the upcoming election brings some uncertainty, the influx of election fundraising cash to civic engagement and politically affiliated can also mean new and exciting opportunities for nonprofit professionals looking to start or advance their careers.



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