6 Insider Tips on nonprofit hiring you should know

Nonprofit hiring season has arrived, and staffing your organization in a seamless and effective manner takes high priority.

Here are 6 things you need to do—to help make your hiring process in 2019 a great success.

  1. Where your job is advertised.  In this digital age, there are many platforms available to advertise your job posting.  Be intentional about the sites you utilize, as each has their own audience.  Ensure your job posting is reaching the people who want to see it!  Yes, Indeed is the #1 visited job site in the world for job seekers­–however, Idealist (despite having less traffic) is a more targeted nonprofit audience for your organization’s openings.  The result?  Stronger messaging to a more receptive and interested candidate base.
  2. Know your interview rounds.  Having a solidified interview process creates much more structure and certainty for all parties involved in the hiring process.  Know how many interview rounds you would like to conduct prior to initiating your search, and you will be able to bring strategy and focus to each conversation.  This will pave the way for more personalized and intentional communication during your interviews with individual candidates.
  3. Go beyond listening.  Finding the ideal candidate can be challenging, especially in this candidate-driven market.  It is key to enhance your listening skills to ensure you are uncovering the information needed to make the right decision for the long haul.  This could also include nonverbal cues, as well as what’s not being said.  While notes may be helpful in remembering each candidates’ strengths and insights, eye contact is also crucial in getting to know your potential employees.
  4. Authenticity… isn’t a buzz word.   The goal is transparent communication from all parties during a job search.  The more authentic you can be during the interview process, the more authenticity you will receive in return.  Keep in mind, that whether you hire a candidate or not, you are a major representation of your organization’s mission and overall appearance.  Challenge yourself to stay on course not only with the job description at hand, but with your nonprofit’s values and culture as well.  Know them well.  The more honestly you communicate this from the start, the more genuine you will appear.  Allowing for deeper, more trusted conversation in the interview room.
  5. Avoid this.  Don’t string your candidates along.  As they are driving the market, remember candidates may have multiple offers on the table.   The longer you delay your decision, the more likely they will have accepted another role somewhere else.  If you have an instinct, trust it, make the move – and extend your offer with confidence.  You’ll be glad you did.
  6. Candidates follow up, do you?  It is easy to get excited with the decision of hiring your new team member.  One of the most important parts of the process is to follow-up with the additional candidates who may not be moving forward.  If candidates are raving about your professionalism and interview process despite not being hired, that’s great business.  Make it a priority in 2019.

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