5 tips for nonprofit parents struggling with homeschooling

1. Unleash home court advantage

Motivating your kid during homeschooling can be an obstacle.

But as a parent, knowing your kid(s) better than anyone else, gives you incredible insights. You have knowledge regarding all their favorite things. What gets them excited. And what they love to do while outside of school.

Use this insider knowledge to create incentive-based instruction. Does your daughter love painting? Have a son who loves baseball? Reward your child’s efforts with time to express themselves through their favorite creative outlet. Then? Watch their motivation grow.

2. Creativity over productivity

Creativity is important for everyone, everyday. It’s also a by-product of autonomy.

Children need the ability to be able to use their minds creatively to develop solutions. And without restraint. Micromanaging an english lesson or a child’s writing process as a parent could do quite the opposite.

Try giving your child the lead on a lesson. Put them in the teacher’s desk. Ask them, “How would you teach this to a fellow student? Or a child in a grade below you?” You may be surprised as to what your child has to say through the lens of a teacher.

3. Little wins are the biggest victories

You know how on certain days, usually the days we call Mondays, are really hard? Like… sometimes writing an email feels like a finishing a novel?

Well kids have those days, too. So, do your best to be forgiving. And find celebrations in the smallest of accomplishments.

4. Free unlimited learning on almost everything

The digital age rocks. Especially when you’re looking for free things to engage a child.

Live music lessons happen all the time on the world wide web. You can even find free documentaries to take place of those history lectures you’ve been perfecting.

Use online resources to your advantage, and you’ll find remarkable content that’ll keep even you from disengaging.

5. Use mykidzcoach.com virtual tutoring

This one is our favorite.

Watching parents struggle while balancing nonprofit work and homeschooling inspired us to create mykidzcoach.com.

MyKidzCoach is our new homeschooling help service for overworked parents in the nonprofit sector.

Give our founding story a read at mykidzcoach.com/our-story

Well, we hope you enjoyed this list… We are excited for you to take your new-found tips, and hit the ground running during your next homeschooling session!

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