5 Ways Boutique Nonprofit Staffing is Different From Large Firms

Finding a staffing agency that fits your needs isn’t always easy. But learning the difference separating large firms from nonprofit staffing boutiques—will help make your decision-making process a whole lot easier. In this article, you’ll discover why choosing a nonprofit staffing agency is what of the best decisions your nonprofit can make.



Think Starbucks versus your
local coffee shop

We’ll admit it, we love Starbucks. As a matter of fact, Starbucks coffee became a constant companion for our team after it found a home in our building in Washington DC. The conveniency was incredible.

But just as frequently, across the street: our team was drawn to a locally-owned coffee shop.

Feeling decidedly different: walking into the lively aromas of these locally brewed beans and fresh baked breads, made us marvel at the personal care which brought this cafe experience to life.

Watching the owner behind the counter, pouring her heart into every cup—gave us an extra sip of satisfaction; knowing that this cup was truly made for us.

That’s why we believe that choosing your local nonprofit staffing agency—feels a lot like choosing your local mom and pop.



Filling a role versus
fulfilling a mission

Filling a nonprofit role is quite different from that of a corporation.

Because of this, and contrary to their smaller size: a nonprofit staffing agency guarantees a big picture strategy. This means getting to know where the deepest values of your mission lie—while understanding your long-term organizations aims—before diving into the recruitment process.

Then when sourcing begins, nonprofit professionals are first screened on whether they connect with your cause.

3 big picture benefits include:

1. Boost productivity: Engaged professionals are highly-productive—this starts with finding mission-aligned professionals.
2. Built culture: Getting mission-specific individuals embodying your core values—helps increase harmony and morale among your staff.
3. Improve retention: Finding proven professionals who are committed to supporting your cause into the future—prevents you from losing ground on long-term organizational aims because of high turnover



Expansive talent pool versus
targeted nonprofit talent pool

Getting access to a new talent pool makes a world of difference.

But unfortunately, not all talent pools are created equal. Especially where 501(c)(3)’s are concerned. A large staffing firm will assure you an expansive talent pool with a sea of wide-ranging skills and experience.

Meanwhile, “niche” most accurately describes a nonprofit staffing talent pool.

While you may be working from a smaller pool of talent—your organization will notice a greater focus on “specificity”. You get access to talent with very defined nonprofit skills, as well as experiences working with distinct causes—and most importantly, what type of 501(3)(c)’s they worked for: e.g. foundations, associations, think-tanks, or startups.



High-volume versus
a personal, human touch

Finding an open door with friendly faces all around… is sometimes all that we are looking for.

Whether it be at your local restaurant, community center, or any other home away from home—walking into a world of warmth—has a way of making us feel like everything is going to be okay.

Building trustworthy relationships, finding support during times of needs—this happens in settings that make you feel comfortable. When working with a boutique agency you get an opportunity to work closely with a smaller, intimate team. By intentionally focusing on a lower volume of clients—nonprofit recruiters give you a human experience that focuses on personalization and your own 1-on-1 hiring service.

It’s this feeling of feeling personally cared for that makes a nonprofit staffing agency so special.



Best fundraiser versus
a fundraiser unique
to your nonprofit

Sometimes “the best” doesn’t always cut it.

Because of nonprofit growth cycles, fundraising goals, and because every cause demands a different journey—it’s fair to say that nonprofit hiring is a delicate and decidedly unique process.

For example:

If you’re a nonprofit startup looking for fundraisers, you may need someone who can “build” a donor base and a development program from scratch. If you are more established, you may be looking at things more strategically. Such as: segmenting donors appropriately and improving what is in place while focusing on moves management.

Getting recruiters who understand the nonprofit sector—makes your life easy.


Regular staffing versus

“Loving what you do” …. “finding your passion” …. these aren’t simply work culture buzzwords. 

How a nonprofit professional feels about what they do, is the secret ingredient to longevity in a nonprofit role. However, with a turnover rate hovering around 19% in the nonprofit sector, this heart-centered reality is at times overshadowed.

Seeing beyond skills, experience, and a CV is not easy. And if you’re trying to fill a role quickly, finding a candidate pool reflecting your organization’s inner-most values isn’t always a timely endeavor.

That’s why unlike other staffing firms, at Careers In Nonprofits we specialize in offering organizations mission-alignment staffing services.

Send us a talent request today. And learn more.

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