Big-Hearted Dreams…

At 8 years old, Emily had big-hearted dreams

“President of the United States!” she declared she would be.

But at 28 years old, a person begins seeing dreams differently. Not as big or small. But simply that you must work hard to maintain one at all.

It was at 28, that Emily took a sabbatical from Careers In Nonprofits.

She bought a ticket. Hopped on a plane. And put 10,000 miles worth of sea in between her and Washington DC.

Landing in Bali, she began learning yoga. Not as sport. But for life. Almost always observing, listening and appreciating how others really, truly lived.

To Emily, people—were free—to be what they pleased in Bali. It was their creed. And it was one, she was beginning to believe.

But it was because of this belief, that Emily was now free to leave.

On May 2nd 2017, boasting new dreams, and brimming with Bali bliss: Emily returned stateside, and opened Careers In Nonprofits: California. In 10 years, few so quietly, and so humbly have left their mark on the sector quite like Emily; having staffed over 400 nonprofits—while being the voice of support to job-seekers in need. Emily’s 8 year old self would be in joy, too. After getting her “President” title after all. When Emily was named Vice President of Careers In Nonprofits in 2019.


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