People who love what they do, always say this ONE THING

So what is it exactly? This one thing? Well, as we’re coming to find out, as our President & Founder so put it: it may actually be already engrained as a state of mind. A self-awareness so to speak. Read below…

“I know what you want. You want to stop wanting. You want to fill the void, and you want to know how to do it. You know people are doing exactly what they want to be doing and who do it well. Their lives seem easy and joyful. They are in their element, and you would consider them the ultimate professionals. Yes, they have some bad days, but that’s not their norm. Bad days are the exception. They seem to have that “more”  that you are looking for, that you crave. How did they get it? What do they know that you don’t? Were they born that way? Do they have an amazing manager, or a lucky star? When you have dared asked those who seem to have a job they love, the answer is almost always the same: “I knew what I wanted and I went for it.”

By President & Founder, Nurys Pedersen
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