Hiring in the Remote Era: The Remote Interview Tools and Questions You’ll Need for Success

Remote Interview Tools: What To Consider For Success at Your Nonprofit

Setting your nonprofit organization up for remote interview success begins with having the right remote interview tools ready before you even post the job opening. Most essential tools will fall under one of these three specific categories:

Nonprofit organizations across every vertical have always leveraged remote interviewing and hiring practices to find top talent. Previous generations of nonprofit managers typically sourced nonlocal candidates as part of a relocation process to bring hired workers within commuting distance of the office. However, the last two years have redefined traditional work models, with remote workers becoming more the norm than the exception for many nonprofit organizations.

Nonprofit Employees Have Embraced The Work From Home Trend

The remote work trend was initially fueled by a global pandemic. Working from home was further accelerated by an unprecedented candidate shortage, where nonprofits leveraged a remote model as a recruiting tool in a heavily competitive market. Now, more than 26 months after COVID first reached the U.S., working from home has proven long-term staying power because, for many nonprofit organizations, it has a proven track record of success. As a result, today’s nonprofit managers no longer have to focus solely on the best local talent; instead, executives and hiring managers can expand their search to find the very best talent anywhere

Of course, with many nonprofit organizations taking advantage of remote workers, the competition for the right candidate is fierce; this is particularly true in the current candidate-driven market, where leading workers often have multiple simultaneous offers to choose from. Strategizing to stay ahead of other organizations vying for the same talent begins with the interview. Going into the process knowing how to conduct a remote interview and armed with the right nonprofit interview questions can ensure you keep moving your

Basic Video Conferencing Tools

Chances are, you had to find a favorite video conferencing tool back in 2020. However, if you are new to the remote interview game, you’ll want to start researching options that work for your nonprofit needs. 

Applicant Tracking System

Many nonprofits that don’t hire consistently assume they won’t need a dedicated applicant tracking system. However, an applicant tracking system can prove vital when managing the details of multiple remote applicants. 

Relevant Assessment Tools

Every position requires its own unique set of skills needed, whether it’s tangible talents such as coding experience or softer capabilities, such as proven leadership experience. From personality strengths to coding tests, it’s vital to have the proper assessment tools to pinpoint qualified candidates for your open positions during the remote interview. 

Three Nonprofit Interview Questions to Ask During a Remote Conversation

Once you have the right remote interview tools in place, it’s important to make sure you also have the right remote interview questions ready. Body language is crucial during any candidate interview. However, paying attention to body language during a remote interview can play an even bigger role in your final hiring decision. Take note of facial expressions, how their eyes light up during certain questions, and how engaged they are throughout the conversation. Some nonprofit interview questions include: 

What about our mission resonates most with you?

Whether hiring for a remote position or an on-premise opportunity, mission is everything for nonprofit organizations. It’s at the heart of every task — no matter where that task is performed. Asking how your mission resonates with a candidate will help you know that the candidate not only understands what you do but also to learn more about their personal connection to your cause.  

Can you tell me about a professional experience where things didn’t go as planned?

As a nonprofit leader, you already know to expect the unexpected when running your organization. It’s important to surround yourself with workers who understand how to adapt and adjust to potentially continuously changing circumstances with events, donations, and day-to-day operations. 

How are your skills, experience, and background specifically suited to help us drive our mission?

Beyond how a candidate connects with your mission, it’s also important to see how a candidate can apply their skills and experience to further your nonprofit’s cause. This is a excellent opportunity to go beyond the skills and certifications listed on the resume and get a deeper understanding of a candidate’s understanding of their own strengths — and how they will use them to expand your company’s reach.

Careers in Nonprofits Can Streamline the Remote Interview Process

As a leading nonprofit recruiting company, Careers in Nonprofits helps nonprofit organizations streamline the remote interview process. We have the tools and recruiting team needed to manage every phase of your hire — but most importantly, we have access to the industry-leading talent! 

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