A Heart Cannot Beat In Silence

George Floyd. Those before him. Social unrest.

Our hearts are beating with a call for great compassion, empathy, and mercy.

Step by step, we know that real strength comes from people appreciating one another. Walking together. Working together. Caring for one another.

Step by step, we know that empowerment comes from transparency – from equal platforms for liberty, opportunity, and justice for all.

Step by step, we know that a voice is most powerful when it speaks from the heart.

Our hearts are longing for equality and peace.

This means denouncing all forms of racism.

This means continuing to give nonprofit professionals of all races and backgrounds equal opportunity to pursue their dreams and make our world a better place.

This means living the change we want to be: embodying our values with our own hiring practices and its impact on the nonprofit sector we love so much.

Our hearts beat for a better future.


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