Nonprofit parents find new homeschooling help during Corona

Careers In Nonprofits is leveling up its fight against Coronavirus.

Today, we’re launching our all-new nationwide educational initiative, MyKidzCoach.

MyKidzCoach is affordable, virtual homeschooling for elementary school students.

The need to create this initiative was inspired by two urgent circumstances. First, the need to bring relief to parents during Coronavirus; as new homeschooling demands push parent responsibilities to the brink. Second, to bring virtual work opportunities to laid-off nonprofit professionals who have families to provide for.

MyKidzCoach is committed to empowering these families during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Educational services within MyKidzCoach are customizable. With one-on-one personal instruction.

Subjects available:

  • Storytelling, reading comprehension, phonics

  • Mathematics

  • Social studies, history

Learn more today at

Stay safe and healthy,

Careers In Nonprofits

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