New Nonprofit Career Event: Q&A with Kimmi Cantrell

Don’t miss out on this new Q&A with Kimmi Cantrell, DC Managing Director of our nonprofit staffing operations in Washington DC

Join the live Q&A audience, and discover these insider tips:

  • What is the #1 action someone should take to get a job in a nonprofit?
  • Does someone need to have worked in a nonprofit before getting a nonprofit job?
  • What’s the best way that someone from the business or government sector can prepare themselves for a nonprofit job?
  • What are the steps you take to identify good candidates for a client?
  • How should a job seeker make themselves known to you or other recruiters?

… and so much more!

This Q&A event is brought you by the Philadelphia Great Careers/BENG Nonprofit Career Network

RSVP & attend from anywhere in the world: Sign up TODAY at!

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