New Pandemic homeschooling mission partnering with “quintessential grassroots” NGO

Parents are in need of homeschooling help.  

Today, Careers In Nonprofits is joining forces with A Wider Circle to help serve this mission. 

In March of 2020, we introduced our new homeschooling mission, The mission is helping parents struggling to balance work and rising homeschool demands. 

But with a new partner, we’re determined to take our mission one step farther. While addressing the urgent need for families who are struggling economically during Corona.

Introducing A Wider Circle.

A Wider Circle is an organization that began as what was called “the quintessential grassroots movement.” Their nonprofit led by founder, Dr. Mark Bergel, is helping lead the fight against poverty across the country.

To date, A Wider Circle has helped more than 235,000 children and adults stricken by poverty. Presently, they are accustomed to receiving more than 500 calls per day coming from people in need.

Through our new partnership, Careers In Nonprofits will be donating homeschooling support to the A Wider Circle mission. 

One free hour of virtual homeschooling will be donated for every ten hours purchased. The free donated hours will be delivered to vulnerable, underserved families working under the support of the A Wider Circle mission.

How can you help us support the A Wider Circle mission?

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