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Nonprofit Job Descriptions: Tips to Get Your Position The Attention it Deserves

A clear, informative job description plays a critical role in the hiring process for any company. For nonprofits, the job description stakes can be exceptionally high. Many nonprofits have an already-spread-too-thin workforce that doesn’t have the time needed to focus on proactive recruiting methods. As a result, even the most urgent open opportunity can stay open for an excessive amount of time. Additionally, many overwhelmed nonprofit leaders begin the search with a basic outline of the job, assuming that they’ll know the right applicant when it comes across their desk.¬†

Theoretically, they aren’t wrong; most Executive Directors and HR professionals are equipped to recognize solid talent and a heart for the organization’s mission when they see it. However, a limited job description can mean that the right person will never see their post to apply. Most importantly, a detailed posting for nonprofit organizations is essential because, typically, staff, volunteers, and board members within these companies wear multiple hats across multiple roles. A comprehensive job description prompts leaders to accurately assess the skills, qualifications, and requirements required for success in the position.¬†

Careers in Nonprofit: Our Nonprofit Recruiters Help Clients Develop Thorough Job Descriptions

At Careers in Nonprofit, our nonprofit recruiters work with clients to help develop compelling job descriptions that catch the attention of talented nonprofit professionals. Some of our tips for creating a comprehensive post include:

Company Overview

Here is where you’ll have an opportunity to share your organization’s purpose and why an applicant would want to work at your company. Get as specific as possible when talking about your mission statement, staff size, location, and overall structure. Providing details on your organization can help candidates quickly determine if your setup is a good fit for their career expectations.¬†

Position Title

A lot of company’s use titles that only mean something internally. Unfortunately, this may confuse qualified candidates who aren’t quite sure what the job entails. When deciding on a final title, give the position a name that stands on its own and reflects the role’s responsibilities.

Job Overview

Provide a brief summary of the opportunity, using a few short sentences to describe the position.

Key Responsibilities

Once again, getting specific can help eliminate candidates who aren’t a good fit and compel suitable applicants to take a closer look at your organization. List anywhere from 5 to 10 essential responsibilities. Break your list into bullets, beginning each one with an action verb in the present tense, such as “Organize annual fundraisers and donor events.” List the tasks in order of importance and priority so the applicants can see where they will be spending most of their time.


Some nonprofit leaders assume that listing all the “must-have” and “nice to have” qualifications on the job description will help increase their chances of finding the ideal candidate for their position. However, it can limit applicants who feel unqualified due to missing even one requirement. Develop a realistic list of qualifications that attract the best candidates without unnecessarily eliminating them.¬†

Determine Salary Range

Most importantly, you’ll need to determine a salary and benefits range in your job description. Most nonprofit leaders struggle with salary ranges for their open job opportunities. Budget constraints, shifts in the marketplace, and specific position expectations can all come into play when determining a realistic range. A skilled and experienced nonprofit recruiting agency will have the insight and expertise needed to help you establish a range based on market value that will help your job command attention once it’s posted.¬†

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