Nonprofit Newswire: State of the Job Market

Every cloud has a silver lining?

While there are nonprofits going through layoffs, hiring freezes, or forced closings; this is by no means, what I am seeing across the board.

In fact, there are a high number of nonprofits who are stable and growing, and increasing their hiring needs.

Many critical services would not exist without the nonprofit sector pulling its weight to ensure folks receive what they need, and there are MORE folks with basic needs during this pandemic than ever before.

This means more demand for services. And fortunately in many cases, more donors are funding the much-needed services, acknowledging the growing need, and this often also means more hiring needs.

Direct services that are vital to our communities – food banks, emergency preparedness organizations and social services are some examples.

Right now, is a great time to get involved in making an impact; while knowing that you are somehow, in some shape, supporting the pandemic in the nonprofit sector.

With love,

Lisa McIntire

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