Not a Class, This is Our Movement

Our hearts. Our teachings. Our discoveries. Are together at last.

As you may of heard, our signature nonprofit career program has gone deep into all-new development.

Today, we are thrilled to announce its spring 2020 launch. As applications for Make Your Mark are officially open.

With its founding in early 2019, Make Your Mark was developed into a heart-focused Masterclass for nonprofit professionals across the sector.

To date, its the first of its kind in the nonprofit space. And its beginnings were inspired by our own Careers In Nonprofits community.

Simply put, we’ve learned a lot from serving the nonprofit sector. But most importantly, we’ve grown deeply connected to what nonprofit professionals desire out of their workplace.

And that’s love.

Because we know that when people do the work they love, they do their best work.

It’s a simple, yet powerful realization.

But as our understanding grows, so does our awareness for what people need. And with that, we know that Make Your Mark stands for more than a Masterclass.

It serves as a movement.

A movement to enable nonprofit professionals to answer the workplace’s most hypnotizing question.

“How can I find a job I love?”

So we say to you …

“Don’t join our class. Join our movement.”

Apply to Make Your Mark today. 

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