Not According to Plan

Stephani’s career dreams haven’t quite gone “according to plan.”

By 24, she finished her schooling, had her Masters in hand, and dreamed of one day becoming Head of Marketing for a big company.

Traveling 1.5 hours one way, Stephani’s first real job had no pay. She was doing volunteer marketing for a little Maryland nonprofit.

5 months in, Stephani was enjoying the work.

And despite being unpaid, marketing with meaning brought purpose to the day.

But by month 6, reality was settling in. Stephani needed to make a living.

Dreaming of stable days, she hit the road, and found an affordable apartment in a new city. Again, Stephani started searching. But this time, she had already found what she was looking for.

On July 25th, 2016, Stephani Peterson began her first day at Careers In Nonprofits.

This summer, Stephani celebrated her 4th year anniversary. A journey that has taken her from Temporary Recruiter in Washington DC—to Senior Manager of our Chicago Office; marketing and placing over 100 nonprofit candidates in need, with some of the best missions in the Windy City.

Dreams really do come true.


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