Revealing Key Insights: The 2024 Nonprofit Salaries and Staffing Trends Report is Here!

In the ever-changing world of nonprofit staffing, staying ahead of the curve is essential. Our 23rd annual survey contains vital information that will help you understand the most recent nonprofit salary changes and the common talent gaps, which will help you better navigate your most important staffing decisions in 2024. This is why we continue to publish the annual Nonprofit Salaries and Staffing Trends report – we want to help you move your nonprofit organization forward!

Why Was This Survey Important?

For the past 23 years, PNP Staffing Group has been at the forefront of providing valuable insights in the nonprofit sector through our Nonprofit Salaries and Staffing Trends survey. Many organizations and nonprofit professionals have relied on this information year in and year out. This year,  along with Careers In Nonprofits, we’re very excited to report that our findings come from over 2,000 unique participants (the largest number we’ve had in any year).

The data we collected through this survey enabled us to compile up-to-date and comprehensive information about nonprofit salaries, growth trends, recruitment challenges, and workforce management issues. We appreciate your participation and know your input will play a vital role in helping nonprofits of all sizes make informed staffing decisions throughout 2024!

You can download the 2024 Nonprofit Salaries and Staffing Trends Report here!

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