Survey Results Are In — See How CNP Can Unlock Your Nonprofit’s Potential

Careers In Nonprofits takes pride in helping clients break through hiring barriers and beat the competition to place the very best talent at their organizations. We also understand the importance of getting positions filled quickly and with the least expenditure of time and money as possible. Put simply — it’s our job to put qualified candidates where you need them. 

Careers In Nonprofits Understands The Hiring Needs of Nonprofits

It’s a job we take seriously. 

Since 2006, our award-winning recruiting team has worked to understand the specific needs of every client. We use this insight to zero in on the right candidates and identify applicants that have both the skills and the heart for our nonprofits’ missions. 

Understanding our clients is the first step to providing the best possible hiring outcomes. We pride ourselves on combining careful research with proven results — it’s what’s helped us become the #1 staffing agency in our sector. But for us, it’s really not about awards and recognition; this research is important to us because it helps us learn more about how we can help you. 

Recent Client Survey Results Help Us Understand Current Industry Needs

CNP recently conducted a survey to find out which work modalities our nonprofit clients search for the most—whether remote, in person, or hybrid positions. 

From December 2022 to February 2023, results were as follows:

  • Hybrid 45%
  • Remote 38%
  • Onsite 17%

And from March 2023 to May 2023, results were as follows:

  • Hybrid 42%
  • Remote 36%
  • Onsite 21%

CNP found that company-wide, the majority of nonprofits were seeking to fill hybrid positions in the past six months, with remote a close second. Fewer were trying to fill completely in-person or onsite positions, but their interest in getting qualified, talented employees in place was just as pressing. 

CNP’s Recruiting Experts Fill All Modalities for Our Nonprofit Clients

CNP provides expert assistance in filling all modalities but is also uniquely positioned to help nonprofits that only have in-person vacancies available. In fact, many of our clients function as fully nonprofit organizations with 100% of positions being in-person jobs. 

These nonprofits, such as food banks, do not offer remote openings, therefore CNP works to promote their other benefits, helping to put them in front of the competition. For example, CNP might advertise benefits such as the ability to leave early on certain days or for medical or child appointments. There are many ways to find flexibility in these onsite positions, and CNP helps to attract employees who are looking for this. 

Additionally, there has been a notable shift in the market with more employers requiring employees to return to working on site 2-5 days/week. CNP is continuing to monitor and evaluate this trend and will report back in the next three months on further developments.

For all modalities, CNP fills vacancies that range from temporary workers to C-Level executives. It pays to have an expert staffing team behind you, because finding talent takes time and money — and positions that go unfilled for weeks and even months can be costly to your productivity. Additionally, working with CNP gives you access to a larger, more diverse pool of nonprofit professionals. 

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