How a Staffing Firm and Nonprofit Sector Came Together




When President & Founder, Nurys Harrigan-Pedersen punched her final time card as a corporate recruiter to launch Careers In Nonprofits, her goal was to fill more than jobs.
This new kind of staffing agency–would fill hearts.





On September 14th, 2006, a declaration of staffing independence was drawn in downtown Chicago, Illinois.
Careers In Nonprofits for the first time, opened its doors to the nonprofit sector.
A nonprofit recruiting revolution had officially begun.



Careers In Nonprofits was born in downtown Chicago, Illinois on September 14th, 2006.


The days of careers being driven solely by compensation was disappearing.  People wanted more, and so did the communities in which they lived.
By the early 2000s, in cities like Chicago, Washington D.C., and San Francisco, nonprofit organizations were growing in number.  And fast.
Cities and their communities were longing for change.  They needed help.






People across the country were eager to answer the call. 
But, there was a challenge.
Few resources existed in connecting these people to organizations that wanted to make a difference.
By now, the need to connect nonprofit organizations with cause-driven professionals had never been greater.
We were determined to be the helping hand.









Long last, our help began when we found a little downtown Chicago office to call home.
With a small but mighty team of two employees, we started by staffing local nonprofits with temporary help.
One by one, candidates found cause-driven roles, and clients were thankful to have a connector.
Our mission to be the sector’s helping hand had gained steam.





The market crash of 2008 took nonprofits and their professionals to the brink nationwide.  Careers In Nonprofits was determined to weather the storm and help the sector recover well into the following year.


But, when the “Great Recession” hit in 2008, hiring across the nonprofit sector stalled.
That same year, we opened our second new branch in Washington D.C.
Just like that, nonprofits and candidates experienced a new wave of uncertainty.







But, while a shortage of jobs remained, a new surplus of hope prevailed.
Organizations worked hard to stay open, and job-seekers looked to Careers In Nonprofits to do the same.






Resilience paved the way.
Workshops were created, and classes were taught by recruiters to help candidates navigate the most challenging job market in years.
This was about more than a bottom-line.
Through one challenge after another, people from the cities of Washington D.C., and Chicago found Careers In Nonprofits standing tall, proud, and ready to help.
Heart-driven staffing was here to stay.







So, the dream moved forward.
And the ability to support people in their quest for love in the workplace, became center stage.







Then, a movement was born.
In the summer of 2012, Nurys Harrigan-Pedersen launched the #ILoveMyJob campaign.
The goal was to create career awareness.
But, what happened next was so much more.







#ILoveMyJob grew into a community across the nonprofit sector.
A space where nonprofit professionals would share their stories.
Because whether an executive director or an entry-level professional–everyone had a story to tell.
Stories that would inspire and empower people to make a difference.
Today, #ILoveMyJob has transformed into a motivational network to do just that.




Careers In Nonprofits is one of the few American Staffing Agencies that has distinguished itself as a network for nonprofit learning and advancement.




Whether it’s career building workshops, nonprofit trainings, or sector happy hours–the Careers In Nonprofits network has created a platform for nonprofit professionals of all levels.
Today, individuals can choose to grow through the Career Incubator, and its GROWTHtrack workshops; or find their inner career compass through Career Mapping workshops.
Connecting nonprofit organizations and those determined to make an impact–had taken its largest leap forward.





One small step for Careers In Nonprofits, one large leap for the nonprofit sector.



Yet, with greater impact, came greater responsibility.
So, “GO WEST”, they said.





Careers In Nonprofits joined forces with the nonprofit sector of California in Spring 2017, opening a west coast office in the city of San Francisco.



On May 2nd, 2017, California nonprofits welcomed Careers In Nonprofits to San Francisco.
Starting out with the staffing of local Bay organizations–our mission has grown to serve Oakland, Los Angeles, and even Seattle, Washington.



2018, 2019, and beyond…

This is heart-driven staffing for a heart-driven sector.



But now, the journey to push the nonprofit sector forward continues here in 2019.
Because new challenges are bringing new opportunity; and the ability to make a difference has never been greater.
It’s staffing at its surface, and heart-driven at its core.
Welcome to the Careers In Nonprofits mission.



Ready to join our story, and make your mark in our next chapter?

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