We’re determined to support you

At times, life can feel like a river.

There are twists and turns. Currents that grab you. And towering trees that fall down in your path.

But it’s days like these, that we hold onto an uplifting fact about a river.

Simply: That the hardest part … always hits right before the calm.

This past week, we’ve seen how challenging work has been in the nonprofit sector. And life itself. For everyone, everywhere.

Today, our concern for families, friends, and so many people across the world continues to grow.

And, while the uncertainty is a scary thing for all of us. We are hopeful.

Because we firmly believe in the power of people supporting one another, and sharing their empathy. And in such little time, we have appreciated the deep comfort we have found in our conversations with our clients and candidates alike. We thank you for being a community we can turn to. And you, to us.

Going forward, as our company was founded to do, we are focused on empowering the nonprofit sector forward. And are committed to being a resource for organizations and professionals during this time. And all times to come.

Our daily focus will be to continue to work diligently. Safely. And with the responsibility to serve others and their needs.

This means adhering to effective cleaning practices, following Department of Public Health guidelines, and stressing personal healthy habits.

Because most importantly, we are dedicated to promoting great health and safety for you, and our team in this time of need.

Together we will move forward.

With our love,

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