Why Nonprofits Can't Afford To Manage Their Own Hiring Process

Why Nonprofits Can’t Afford To Manage Their Own Hiring Process

Effective hiring at any company requires strategy and planning. No matter what the vertical, it’s critical to develop a recruiting process that optimizes results across multiple components, including sourcing, screening, interviewing, and onboarding candidates. However, for nonprofit organizations, the hiring stakes (and constraints) are especially high. Even the most dedicated nonprofit leaders can struggle to find top-tier talent who have both the skills and the heart for the job. 

Many Organizations Attempt To Manage Nonprofit Staffing Internally

Most nonprofit organizations face time, money, and resource limitations. Many assume they should manage the process internally to oversee the process, keep a steady eye on costs, and strategically allocate resources. Unfortunately, many nonprofit leaders quickly realize that while managing staffing may save on some initial expenditures, the company’s total investment into the process far exceeds the potential return. 

A Nonprofit Staffing Agency Optimizes ROI For Organizations

Sourcing qualified candidates who have a passion for the company’s mission can quickly turn into a full-time job that exhausts a nonprofit’s available part-time efforts. Worse yet, handling the hiring process internally can mean that a position stays open for an exceptionally long time, overburdening the company’s existing employees as they scramble to absorb the open position’s tasks and responsibilities. As a result, many nonprofit directors and HR specialists realize they can’t afford to manage the process internally and outsource their staffing needs to a nonprofit staffing agency. 

A professional nonprofit staffing agency optimizes ROI throughout the hiring process in several important ways: 

Time Savings and Cost Savings 

Working with a professional nonprofit staffing agency can exponentially decrease the time your organization dedicates to the staffing process. Recent SHRM research reveals that the average time to fill a position across the operational board is just over 33.28 days. That number can be even higher for nonprofit organizations that don’t have the infrastructure/support needed to dedicate to a full-time search. 

SHRM research also suggests that the cost per hire is approximately $4,000 for companies across the board, as hiring companies typically have to incur a wide range of expenses for advertising the position, screening fees, and travel expenses. 

An experienced recruiting firm that specializes in nonprofit placements can commit the time and resources needed to accelerate the hire without diluting the quality of the candidates. They will keep the process moving forward, saving time and energy for both your organization and the applicant. Additionally, a reputable firm manages all the periphery expenses associated with the hiring process themselves, enabling their clients to only pay an agreed upon fee after the hire has been made. 

Candidate Network

Most nonprofit leaders have an established professional network; however, once they’ve exhausted their contacts as potential candidates, they struggle to source new talent for a given position. Nonprofit recruiters grant their clients access to their extensive, vetted candidate network of professionals searching for an opportunity in your specific vertical. 

Soft Skills

Nonprofit work and an organization’s mission is a highly personal pursuit. A competent recruiting firm recognizes that every position requires a different set of hard skills for success. However, they also know how to source the soft skills needed to thrive in your specific work environment. Communication abilities, leadership, problem-solving, compassion, empathy, and collaborative creativity are just some of the many intangible traits an experienced recruiting team will know how to identify in candidates.

Establish or Improve DEI Hiring Goals

Your nonprofit staffing agency will immediately establish or improve Diversity, Equality, and Inclusivity (DEI) hiring goals and practices for your organization. An experienced recruiting team will identify and remove potential biases throughout the hiring process, including when sourcing, vetting, and shortlisting qualified candidates. Establishing DEI-centric practices ensures applicants can’t be ignored or inadvertently discriminated against when filling opportunities at your nonprofit. 

Maintain Transparency

Finally, a capable nonprofit staffing agency will remain committed to transparency throughout the process for both the organization and the candidate. They will communicate extensively with applicants to ensure they understand the company’s mission and the expectations of the specific job to gauge a candidate’s heart for the position. Your provider will strive to connect with and present candidates with the drive and passion needed to support the company’s mission. Likewise, the recruiter will maintain transparency with the hiring organization to identify potential candidate concerns or issues that require resolution before moving forward in the hiring process.

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