5reasons to connect with cnp recruiters

Why should I connect with Careers In Nonprofits (CNP)?

Applying for a new job can sometimes feel like a full-time job in itself. In the beginning it can be exciting and positive, but after some time the new-to-me opportunities decrease, and you may start seeing the same opportunities you’ve already applied to. Below are a few reasons to consider connecting with a CNP Recruiter:

  • Don’t limit your job search to only the physical time you are able to devote to it: By connecting with a staffing firm, such as CNP, your information will be in our system that is regularly reviewed by multiple recruiters constantly working on new roles.
  • Access to roles you might not otherwise come across: Some of our job opportunities are exclusive contracts we have with clients where we are the sole recruiter. These are jobs that you won’t find on other job boards or even the client’s own website.
  • You can be more selective in your own search efforts: Again, by connecting with a staffing firm you are able to spend more time on the opportunities you have come across in your own search efforts. Some employers can have lengthy applications so this will allow you to spend more of your focus and time on those cover letters, applications, etc. while still being considered for possible opportunities through CNP.
  • Interim work while you continue your search: Temporary assignments provide the ability to have an income while you continue your search for your ideal next opportunity. It is also a great way to gain and continue growing your skill set if you are not currently working.
  • An extra pair of eyes: In working with a recruiter, you have an extra set of eyes looking over your resume and documents to help catch any typos that may be the difference between landing the job interview.

So, whether you are actively seeking a new opportunity or thinking about a career move in the next 6-12+ months, avoid job search exhaustion and connect with Careers in Nonprofits.

Careers In Nonprofits is a staffing agency that specializes in staffing the nonprofit sector. We work exclusively with nonprofit organizations to assist with their staffing needs, whether that’s a direct hire permanent search or temporary support, we help to connect them to candidates such as yourself!

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