Back to Basics: Putting Hiring Managers back in the drivers seat

Back to Basics – Putting Hiring Managers Back in the Driver’s Seat

Covid greatly affected the hiring process during the past few years, and it is about to change again. Employers and hiring managers were thrown into reaction mode during the pandemic, which meant filling desks with new hires who might not have checked all the right boxes. 

However, with President Biden removing the public health emergency act for Covid in spring of 2023, business should start getting “back to normal.” According to Careers In Nonprofits President and Founder Nurys Harrigan-Pedersen, once the emergency act is removed, hiring managers should feel like they no longer need to make accommodations and adjustments in how they hire. Instead, they can take their time choosing the right candidates and offering competitive salaries to ensure employee retention and hiring success. “It’s time to get out of reaction and pandemic mode,” she said.

Three Simple Steps To Get Back to Hiring Basics

As employers slowly start positioning themselves back into proactive hiring mode Harrigan-Pedersen suggests hiring managers and employers follow three simple steps to get back to basics and away from reaction mode:

  1. Stop and AssessFirst, she recommends they stop and assess exactly what positions they need to fill, what salary and benefits they feel comfortable offering, and what experience and credentials they’d like to see in prospective candidates.

  2. Start From ScratchAfter the hiring frenzy of the past couple of years, Harrigan-Pedersen recommends asking yourself what you’d do differently if you could start all over again. Would you hire the same people or those with more experience? Would you take more time to find the right person? Would you offer less or more in terms of salary and incentives? Also, ask yourself where will the new hire be in 2-4 years in terms of growth within the organization and use this information to attract, hire and retain new talent.
  3. Take Your Time and Be PatientFilling positions with the right candidates means less turnover and better productivity in the long run, so taking the time to get it right is important. 

As for employees, Harrigan-Pedersen believes they are no longer jumping around from position to position as quickly as they did during the pandemic. They are reassessing their priorities and looking for positions that hold more meaning to them—which often means positions that offer competitive salaries and also promote work/life balance and connection with their deeper life purpose. 

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