Beyond Salary: 7 Benefits to Offer When Hiring For Your Nonprofit Organization

Nonprofit organizations that can’t compete for top talent with salary alone are getting creative with their 2023 hiring packages — and it’s working.

Nonprofit leaders know that hiring in any market climate is difficult. When screening candidates, it’s not enough to find applicants with the needed skills and experience. The right candidate also needs to have the heart to support the company’s mission — and the personality that will thrive when immersed in the company’s culture. 

The Current Economic Climate Has Many Nonprofits Checking Their Budgets

The last several years have brought new hiring challenges within the nonprofit sector. Inflation, rising costs, and the warning signs of a recession have made companies in every industry take a closer look at costs and spending. As a result, many may not have the budget needed to offer the highest salary levels for any given position as they attempt to steady the ship in the first quarter of 2023. 

Fortunately, there is a silver lining to hiring in the current economic climate for nonprofits. A recent Nonprofit Trends Report revealed that, while salary is still important, 60% of employees view benefits as the most essential non-salary factor when starting to work for an organization. 

Benefits That “Sweeten The Hiring Package” to Attract Top Nonprofit Talent

At Careers In Nonprofits, we partner with nonprofit organizations across the country — and across every vertical. Our nonprofit recruiting team works with high-performing nonprofit candidates to find the right fit for their heart and skillset. As we get deeper into the first quarter of 2023, we have some top suggestions on benefits that can help “sweeten the hiring package” and land top nonprofit talent, such as:

  1. Flexible Work Model
    One of the biggest benefits nonprofit workers are looking for beyond salary is a flexible work model. Many nonprofit organizations offer full- or at least part-time remote work options for their staff. In fact, research shows that candidates may be willing to take a lower salary to have the opportunity to work from home. Beyond cost savings for the organization, allowing employees to work from home promotes work/life balance, increases productivity, and can boost overall company morale.
  2. 401K Plan
    An employee retirement fund can help offset a potential salary discrepancy when hiring nonprofit workers. Not only does a 401K program help employees plan for the future, it can also offer a potential tax break for employers.
  3. Unlimited PTO
    An unlimited PTO policy is becoming more and more common in companies across virtually every industry. Offering unlimited PTO can help build trust with employees, improve retention and engagement, and lower administrative time, costs, and resources. Added bonus: Having unlimited PTO reduces employees feeling pressured to come to work when not feeling well and exposing other workers to an illness.
  4. Continuing Education
    Investing in employees’ education brings with it several advantages for both the employees and the employers. Not only does offering reimbursement for continuing education allow employees to improve hard and soft skills, but it can also lead to better performance, higher employee retention, and even impact overall company culture.
  5. Onsite Childcare
    Finding quality childcare can be stressful and expensive for workers. Providing childcare onsite for free (or at a reduced rate) can be a compelling recruitment tool for candidates.
  6. Pet-Friendly
    Pet-friendly workplaces were a win/win for employers and employees even before COVID-19. But the pandemic-pup phenomenon means that a lot of nonprofit candidates will be thrilled to know they can bring their pet to work with them instead of making arrangements for care for them during the work week.
  7. Fitness Plans
    Employers with health and wellness benefits for employees can be a powerful recruiting tool. A company-sponsored fitness plan can help lower stress levels, promote teamwork, reduce absenteeism, and even decrease overall health costs for both employees and employers. 

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