Make Your Mark is a Nonprofit professional's guide to career mapping

CNP Writes The Book on Building Nonprofit Executive Careers

Building a nonprofit executive career is challenging in any economy. Even in a thriving job market, nonprofit executive search candidates can find it challenging to source opportunities that match their heart and their skill set. However, marketplace turbulence over the last several years has caused seismic hiring shifts across virtually every industry, including (and in some cases, especially) the nonprofit sector. 
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Nonprofit Executive Search Candidates Need The Right Tools for Hiring Success

The temperature throughout the nonprofit executive search vertical has been in flux over the last several quarters based on a wide range of reasons. Global pandemics, Great Resignations, and economic uncertainty have all changed how nonprofits source and hire employees. As a result, candidates looking to build nonprofit executive careers are seeking different resources to help prepare them for the process. 

As a leader in nonprofit executive search and staffing, Careers In Nonprofits co-founder Nurys Harrigan-Pederson has spent the last 25+ years helping candidates curate their own nonprofit executive careers, one opportunity at a time. Nurys has made her life mission helping other people find their life mission. She has worked with nonprofit professionals in virtually every industry and cause, connecting them with the right opportunities and carefully walking them through the hiring process.  

Her reputation and proven placement track record speak for itself. However, Nurys has recently compiled some of the very best tips, suggestions, and resources she’s gathered over the last two-plus decades in her new book, Make Your Mark: The Smart Nonprofit Professional’s Guide to Career Mapping for Success.

Make Your Mark Creates A Pathway For Professional Purpose With Nonprofit Executives

Nurys developed Make Your Mark to share her extensive insight on developing dynamic and thriving nonprofit careers and to give nonprofit executive search candidates the tools they need for professional success in any economic climate. One of the most impactful practices for nonprofit professionals that Nurys discusses in the book is learning how to build a Career Map. 

Make Your Mark takes a deep dive into the Career Map process, detailing the five important steps needed to develop a map designed for success. The five steps include: 

  • Achieve Clarity
  • Find Purpose
  • Set Direction
  • Gain Intention
  • Prepare For Success

The book takes readers through the specifics of each phase to create a map uniquely curated for their professional journey. 

Beyond Career Mapping: Other Tools Found in Make Your Mark

Beyond developing a Career Map, Make Your Mark also offers invaluable insight on other key factors, such as creating SMART goals, taking professional and personal inventory, finding your why, and setting your direction. Each of these tools plays a critical role in determining a nonprofit executive’s next right steps for getting hired and also outline one essential truth: In today’s uncertain hiring landscape, it’s virtually impossible to plan for success without having an detailed, actionable plan. 

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Ready to identify your professional why and take control of your nonprofit career? Download your free copy of Make Your Mark today to begin developing a Career Map based on your talent, skills, and philanthropic spirit. You can also submit your resume today to our nonprofit executive search team to take that important next step in finding a job you’ll love.

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