Give yourself the power to move forward.

Self Care:  3/07 Thursday, 12:30pm EST 
Track 1:  In this webinar, you will learn the Life Systems Roadmap and how to achieve greater creative focus, increased physical energy, and greater confidence in all that you do.

Global Citizenship:  3/14 Thursday, 12:30pm EST  
Track 2:  Learn the 15 Universal Gifts and how to identify your unique talents.  You will also learn the 3 Domains of Contribution where you can apply your gifts and make a global impact.

Coherent Leadership:  3/21 Thursday, 12:30pm EST 
Track 3:  You'll discover the 8 Levels of Consciousness and the fundamentals of Relational Energetics.  These advanced people skills will help you resolve conflicts and be a stronger team player, team builder, and leader. 

A series of four free personal development classes that will walk you through the perspectives, strategies, and tools that will make a real difference in your professional journey.

Webinars go live every Thursday, 12:30pm-1:15pm EST beginning March 2019 - strengthening four key focuses.

The moment to invest in you has arrived.


So, what are you waiting for?

Doug Pedersen

The only certainties in life are time and change. The question we must continually ask ourselves:  Is now the time to change? 

Doug Pedersen


Careers In Nonprofits

1001 Connecticut Ave, Suite 314, Washington D.C.

Phone:  202-795-2443 


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Self Care 

Global Citizenship

Coherent Leadership


Your guide & CEO of Careers In Nonprofits

Doug Pedersen's mission is fueled by the study of human nature and the desire to help people understand and meet their human needs in balanced, effective, and healthy ways. 

A husband, father, and former Marine veteran, Doug is a 21st century CEO, built on putting your mind, body, and health where it needs to be—first.  

When you develop your inner workings, and grow your consciousness, professional growth and fulfillment will follow you forward.  Doug is that proof.

Career Mapping:  3/28 Thursday, 12:30pm EST  
Track 4:  Get in touch with the 4 Elements of Career Mapping Success that will empower you to Make Your Mark in the world.  If done completely, your Career Map will ultimately be the GPS of your professional life that will help you move forward with renewed enthusiasm and purpose.

Career Mapping

Connect with your purpose, and experience the professional growth you've been waiting for.

GROWTHtrack is personal development for your professional progress.

Brought to you by Careers In Nonprofits & The Career Incubator