How to Recruit Top Nonprofit Talent in a Hybrid Work Environment

Hybrid models are work environments of the future–they allow for greater freedom of time for employees while also reducing the stress and impact of daily commutes. Employees report being happier and staying in positions longer when companies offer hybrid workplaces. But what are the best ways to recruit nonprofit talent to a hybrid work environment, especially here in the Chicago area? Here are some tips to help your company fill open positions with the right people.

Define your strategy.

First, many companies are moving toward hybrid workplaces, but they don’t have efficient strategies in place to attract the talent they’re looking for or manage the various schedules when employees need to collaborate, according to Forbes. Start by streamlining your hybrid schedule and expectations. Put a schedule in place that both supports collaboration between employees yet also allows them the flexibility to work remotely whenever possible, and have that schedule available to show your job applicants. Be willing to adapt the schedule to show you are flexible, while at the same time confirming the importance of in-office meetings and collaborative time.

Attract, hire and retain talent by offering interest and guidance with their career map.

Career mapping is an excellent way to make sure the prospective employee’s goals align closely with your organization. Work together with the applicant to show them what their future with your nonprofit could look like. Even if they don’t have a career map, this information could help further attract them to your company. This includes professional goals, learning opportunities, position advancement, financial growth, and more. Show them that these goals are attainable and give them a possible timeline for the milestone goals on their maps. Showing an interest in employees’ career maps can lead to better employee retention and overall satisfaction in their position. It also opens the door for better communication about expectations on both sides.

Put them to the test.

Spend time brainstorming how you can best interview your applicants. Is there a way to present them with a scenario that mimics what they might encounter in their actual job, and then see how they would hypothetically respond? These are some of the best ways to get to know your applicants, how they think creatively, and how they act under pressure. On the flip side of this–let them put YOU to the test. Ask them what questions they have, and answer honestly. Show them how your company adapts to best meet the needs of its employees. 

Tout your company’s strengths.

Having a hybrid workplace is one of your company’s strengths, but there are many others. Even if your applicant has researched your company, seeing is believing. Be willing to give your applicants a tour to show them the real behind the scenes look at how your company runs–and what benefits they’ll enjoy while there. Show them how meetings and collaborative work sessions are held, and introduce them to some of the people they’ll work with. This will give them a good feel for the company and also give you an idea of how they will fit. 

Review and revise.

The best hiring plans come from applying what was learned in previous hiring sessions. Use what you’ve learned from past applicants and past interviews to tweak your process so you can find exactly who you’re looking for. You can also ask other employees for tips about what type of person it will take to successfully fill the role. The right nonprofit professionals are out there, it’s just a matter of putting the best strategy in place to find them. 

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