How This Candidate Landed Her Dream Role

Whether it’s The Windy City, The City by the Bay, or our nation’s capital; Careers In Nonprofits recruiters work to place the best people with the best causes across the country. This week, Careers In Nonprofits Alumnus, Estefany Paniagua-Pardo dropped by—and we asked her some questions about her dream placement with the HACU National Internship

6 Insider Tips on nonprofit hiring you should know

Nonprofit hiring season has arrived, and staffing your organization in a seamless and effective manner takes high priority. Here are 6 things you need to do—to help make your hiring process in 2019 a great success. Where your job is advertised.  In this digital age, there are many platforms available to advertise your job posting.  Be

Nonprofit Recruiters vs “Regular” Recruiters: Finding the Candidates with Passion

First Day Excitement Brian had been waiting for his first day at his new job since he received his offer letter. The opportunity to work at a nonprofit that advocated for children with learning disabilities, was a gift. With two children of his own, both struggling in school due to their own learning disabilities, he

Job searching 101: Working for a nonprofit

Many people are interested in working for nonprofits, but may not have a clear understanding of what a nonprofit work environment is like. While professional workplaces in every sector have a lot in common, there are some ways in which working for a nonprofit can be unique. “Nonprofits tend to be very collaborative,” says CNP

Job searching 101: Your first day

Once you land a job, there’s a whole new minefield waiting for you: your first day! But don’t worry. CNP Managing Director Shannon Deamer has a few tips to help you rock that first day. “First, ask what the appropriate work attire is,” she recommends. “If you’re not sure, wear business attire and clarify with

Job searching 101: Acing the interview

Job interviews are famously nerve-wracking! In what is already a stressful process, they may feel overwhelming. We wanted to share a little cheat sheet full of tips to help you ace your interview every time. Out of all the tips on our cheat sheet, and other tips from dozens of online articles, what do we

Job searching 101: Writing a killer resume

Writing the perfect resume is difficult—in part because opinions and ideas vary on what exactly makes a good one! There are a few basic points, though, that most people would agree on. Your resume should be well-organized, concise, and clean (no typos!). Additionally, it should highlight your accomplishments. Think of it as your opportunity to

Job searching 101: Finding the right fit

Finding a job that is the right fit for you can be difficult and frustrating. There’s a lot that goes into it, but we’ll focus on one aspect of finding a good fit that you may run into: How do you know if you are qualified for the position? Figuring out whether you are qualified

Prospective Candidate Day

Are you interested in joining a great nonprofit? Do you want to spend your workday making a difference? We are pleased to announce that Careers In Nonprofits is actively seeking outstanding talent to work for nonprofits in the DC/MD/VA area! We are in search of candidates with a passion for nonprofits and an interest in

Careers In Nonprofits Named Among Top US Staffing Firms for Second Year

Careers In Nonprofits is delighted to be among the Best Professional Recruiting Firms for 2018. This honor is given by Forbes® to top staffing firms in the United States, as determined by thousands of surveys administered to candidates and HR Managers by analytics firm Statista. This is the second year in a row that Careers In Nonprofits