Heartfelt Readings for the Nonprofit Sector

Professional Identity: You can handle the truth!

In my book, Make Your Mark: The Smart Nonprofit Professional’s Guide to Career Mapping for Success, I describe Professional Identity as your unique set of talents, experience, desires, and interests. I also described Professional Identity as not what you are, but who you are. It’s who and how you show up at work — excited,

14 Memorable Moments During 14 Meaningful Years

On September 14th, 2006 Careers In Nonprofits was born out of a little office in downtown, Chicago. Today we celebrate our 14th birthday. Our golden year! To remember it all, here are 14 memorable moments in Careers In Nonprofits history. OUR STORY: 1. September 14th, 2006 – “Welcome Home.”  Founder Nurys Pedersen opens our first

Not According to Plan

Stephani’s career hasn’t gone “according to plan.” By 24, she finished her schooling, had her Masters in hand, and dreamed of one day becoming Head of Marketing for a big brand. Everything was going according to plan. Until it wasn’t. Traveling 1.5 hours one way, Stephani’s first job had no pay. She was volunteering. She

From TV to DC

AS A CHILD, JAMIE DREAMED OF WORKING IN TV By 22, she graduated from NYU. Moved to Atlanta. And accepted her first job in TV. But soon, TV wasn’t what Jamie imagined it to be. She was working 16-18 hour days, 5 days a week. And they were taking its toll. Then a second dose

34 & Something More

By 33, Nurys Pedersen “had made it.” A Vice President in Washington DC, her career was colored by promotions, welcomed earnings, and a desk in the corner office. But a decade in, feeling unfulfilled and searching for more, Nurys asked herself, “what could I be missing?” So by 34, with little income, and no staff,

Introducing: A New Campaign… with lots of love

We believe it with all our hearts… “When people do work they love, they do their best work.” And to prove it, we’re going to be showcasing people doing amazing work to support the nonprofit sector. So stay tuned. And make sure to follow the new campaign right here on our blog. Let’s get ready

3 ways to hire in a Post-Pandemic

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10 Nonprofits Inspiring Change in their Community

The Careers In Nonprofits #ILoveMyJob🧡 community is dedicated to empowering change. Today—and—everyday, we’re determined to use our voice to help empower nonprofits as they build a better future for underserved communities in need. Because when times get tough, and our hearts need healing, we rely on moments that remind us why we do what we

A Yoga Pose for Nonprofit Professionals? Check out our June Wellness Paper

Summer is here. We hope you are remaining safe, happy, and hopeful in every way possible. These past couple months of shelter-in-place have been challenging us to stay active. And sometimes it’s easier said than done. Careers In Nonprofits was founded for times like these. To help empower you and your nonprofit in times of

A Heart Cannot Beat In Silence

George Floyd. Those before him. Social unrest. Our hearts are beating with a call for great compassion, empathy, and mercy. Step by step, we know that real strength comes from people appreciating one another. Walking together. Working together. Caring for one another. Step by step, we know that empowerment comes from transparency – from equal